Abortion Malpractice Case Report Discusses Deficiencies in Abortion Counseling

From a report on abortion malpractice cases:

“All too often the abortion counselor has only a high school diploma, has herself had one or two abortions and feels compelled to assist others by affirming the abortion decision. She thereby affirms her own decision, unknown to her and her client. Because she may be in denial about the emotional aftereffects of her own abortion, she is either unaware of post-abortion emotional trauma, or is simply uninformed.”

It also cites the following statistic:

“In the U.S., abortion counselors as a “profession” are unlicensed, and are unregulated in 95% of the States.”

Citing a number of studies, the article goes on to state:

“Several empirical studies in the U.S. have indicated the deficiencies of current abortion counseling practices with the majority of respondents reporting insufficient information provided by the abortion counselor; insensitive, unhelpful abortion clinic personnel, with respect to providing assistance in decision-making, and the provision of misinformation, thereby contributing to increased anxiety, confusion and levels of post-abortion depression and hostility”

“Abortion Malpractice: When Patient Needs and Abortion Practice Collide” Association for Interdisciplinary Research in Values and Social Change. Research Bulletin Vol. 9 No.1 November/December 1995. http://www.lifeissues.net/writers/air/air_vol9no1_1995.html#a24 See Barnard, C. (1990), The Long Term Psychological Effects of Abortion, Portsmouth, NH: Institute for Pregnancy Loss; and Vaughan, H. (1990), Canonical Variates of Post-Abortion Syndrome, Portsmouth, NH: Institute for Pregnancy

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Author: TA Smith

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