Planned Parenthood on Adoption

In one survey of Planned Parenthood affiliates, clinic workers were asked about whether they could address the adoption issue.  Only 20% felt that adoption should be included as part of Planned Parenthood’s mission statement.

In reply to the question “Should adoption be part of Planned Parenthood’s mission?” some typical responses included:

“No. It would present an apparent and possibly actual conflict of interest. Difficult to finance. Very draining on staff time and overall effort.”

“Only as a referral. It might be very confusing to maintain a pro-choice stance when an agency also is invested in finding an infant to place.”

“I think we have to look very carefully at the issues involved. For our clients, we need to be sure that the information and services we provide are really in their best interest. A pregnant fifteen-year-old should not be seen as the ‘solution’ to an infertile couple’s problems. We need to be very careful not to cast women in the role of ‘baby producers’…”

“We have historically presented adoption as an option in a most matter of fact way without presenting the whole picture. Of those patients who choose adoption, it only makes sense for us to be their means to an end.”

Robert H. Ruff “Aborting Planned Parenthood: Documented Proof of Planned Parenthood’s Systematic Exploitation of Teenagers and Taxpayers” (New York: Life Cycle Books 1988 p 30

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Sarah Terzo is a pro-life writer and blogger. She is on the board of The Consistent Life Network and PLAGAL +

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