Abortion at 10 Weeks pictures

This page is about abortion at 10 weeks and has pictures of what an abortion looks like at 10 weeks. If you are thinking of getting an abortion at 10 weeks, this is some information you may want to know. Here is a sonogram of a ten week old baby in the womb.

From The Endowment for Human Development

abortion at 10 weeks

Before you look at the pictures of the babies aborted at 10 weeks, I want to share something with you. If you are woman considering abortion at 10 weeks, and you came to this page wanting to find out more, I want to talk to you from the heart and share some information with you.  If you are not a woman seeking an abortion at 10 weeks, and/or don’t want to read my message, just scroll down to see the pictures.

First I want to tell you a little more about your baby. I’m getting this info from the site Endowment for Human Development, a scientific website affiliated with National Geographic. It has no ties to the prolife movement.

The baby inside you has had a beating heart for 7 weeks now. He or she has brain that is giving off waves.   Your baby responds to touch and will how a startle reaction when he or she is touched with something.  The baby will pull away and react when the abortion instruments come at her. Some scientists believe she can feel the pain of being ripped apart. She can have the hiccups. She is already right or left handed. If she is a girl she has ovaries and a uterus of her own. Believe it or not, he or she not only has hands and fingers, but also fingerprints. These fingerprints mark her as a unique individual who has never existed before in all of history and will never exist again.

Jewels Green worked in an abortion clinic. Her clinic only provided 1st trimester abortions. She held women’s hands, watched women cry as they had their abortions. And in the backroom, she handled the broken pieces of the babies, holding the aborted babies feet up to a little chart to verify how far along the pregnancies were for the clinic’s paperwork. She witnessed abortion at 10 weeks. Even in abortion at 10 weeks, many of the babies were fully  formed, like the pictures you just saw. She told me that after each abortion, she had to look through the torn apart remains and make sure there were two arms, two legs, one head ,etc. Any parts left behind could cause an infection in the mother.  In a book by pro-choice author Wendy Simonds called Abortion at Work, clinic worker “Risa’ says: 

“I hate it when people put it [the aborted fetus] together to look like a baby. I hate that…

On page 86-87 of the same book, Simonds says all the clinic workers she interviewed told her “they never look at the face” when processing ’tissue’ from abortions.

Right now you may feel frightened, worried and alone. I don’t know your situation, but I know there are places out there that can help you. There are these places called Crisis Pregnancy Centers. These centers exist all over the world. They can help with all kinds of things. The one in my town providers counseling, help finding medical care, a place to live if the woman is homeless, baby clothes, maternity clothes, cribs, diapers, information about applying for benefits if you choose to, job training, help finding a job, and even day care.

Also, most of these places will do an ultrasound. Most abortion clinics will do an ultrasound too, but they will charge you for it. The crisis pregnancy center will do one for free. If you DO decide to have an abortion, and you tell the clinic you have already had an ultrasound to verfiy length of pregnancy, they may say you don’t need another one- and you’ve just saved yourself a hundred dollars. The crisis pregnancy centers can’t stop you from having an abortion, no one can, abortion is legal. But they can give you information about abortion’s risks and alternatives you may not get at the clinic. And all their help is FREE. Whereas an abortion clinic is a business that makes profit and charges for everything it offers. The main reason abortion clinics have for turning away women and sending them home is not health problems, but lack of money. The owner of one abortion clinic said in the Chicago-Sun Times:  (he didn’t realize he was talking to a reporter)

“We have to sell abortions. We have to use all the tactics we can because just like my other businesses [a trucking firm, a pollution control business, and a real estate sales office] we have competition. Now, we have to go by the rules, but rules have to be broken if we are gonna get things done.”

Former abortion clinic worker Nina Whitten says:

“Every single transaction that we did was cash money. We wouldn’t take a check, or even a credit card. If you didn’t have the money, forget it. It wasn’t unusual at all for me to take $10,000 to $15,000 a day to the bank – in cash. It’s a lie when they tell you they’re doing it to help women because they’re not. They’re doing it for the money.”

There are MANY more quotes like this here.

Abortion clinics can only stay open if they make money. They even charge for pregnancy tests, often many times more than you would pay buying one at the supermarket (and its the same test). They don’t make any money if you walk out and have the baby.  Since they only make money if you abort the baby, they may not tell you about abortion’s risks or how developed the baby is. They may not tell you anything that would convince you not to have an abortion. But a crisis pregnancy center makes no money either way you decide. So you may get more honest information.

I will give you the numbers and contact info for the pregnancy centers if you scroll down.

But first please look at some of the pictures of what will happen to your baby at 10 weeks if she or he is aborted.

abortion at 10 weeks

abortion at 10 weeks

abortion at 10 weeks


More pictures of abortion at 10 weeks.


abortion at 10 weeks

abortion at 10 weeks

abortion at 10 weeks

abortion at 10 weeks

abortion at 10 weeks

abortion at 10 weeks


More pictures of abortion at 10 weeks.

abortion at 10 weeks

abortion at 10 weeks

abortion at 10 weeks

abortion at 10 weeks

abortion at 10 weeks

abortion at 10 weeks

abortion at 10 weeks

abortion at 10 weeks

abortion at 10 weeks

abortion at 10 weeks

abortion at 10 weeks

abortion at 10 weeks

abortion at 10 weeks

abortion at 10 weeks

abortion at 10 weeks

abortion at 10 weeks

abortion at 10 weeks

abortion at 10 weeks

abortion at 10 weeks

abortion at 10 weeks

abortion at 10 weeks


If you have taken the abortion pill but now regret it it may not be too late to save your baby . Go here immediately  or call 1 877  558 0333

Here is an excerpt from an article by Jewels Green, who I mentioned before:

“Working in the autoclave room was never, ever easy. I saw my lost child in every jar of aborted baby parts. One night after working autoclave my nightmares about dead babies were so gruesome and terrifying and intense I met with the clinic’s director to talk about my feelings. She was very understanding, open and honest, and painfully forthright when she told me, “What we do here is end a life. Pure and simple. There is no disputing this fact.”

And now the crisis pregnancy centers:

Birthright is an excellent organization that helps women considering abortion. They have centers mostly in English speaking countries. They are not affiliated with any religion. I called them once. When I told them I was pro-life, they made a point to tell me they were “not political” They will not try to sway your decision. They have a 24 hour hotline. Please call them at 1-800 550 4900

In the United Sates, Carenet is a Christian group of crisis pregnancy centers. They can help in many ways. Their page has an anonymous chat and they too have a hotline, as well as a directory you can search to find a center near you. Go here. 

And here is an international directory of pregnancy help.

If you have had an abortion and need support, here are some links for you to try.

There are other options for you than abortion. What about adoption? A lot of women feel they can’t “give away” their baby. But adoption is not the same as it once was. Now there is open adoption, where you can be in touch with the family that raises your child and even be a part of that child’s life. I have a friend who is  therapist, who says that her clients who give babies up for adoption do much better emotionally than those who have abortions- because they know their babies are alive and happy and not dead. Another person I know gave her baby to a couple in Canada. Now she and the family are close and she spends every Christmas with the couple. She had another daughter, who she kept, and the girls are growing up like cousins. She didn’t lose a baby- she gained a family.

Please also know that abortion can cause a lot of heartache to you, the mother. Several huge studies in Finland that took medical records from several countries found that women who abort have a higher rate of needing psychiatric treatment both inpatient and outpatient and the suicide rate for women who abort is 6-7 times that of women who don’t. For teenagers, another study found a 10x higher suicide rate. Here are some studies.

Although women very rarely die of abortion at 10 weeks, there are other risks. Having an abortion at 10 weeks can create scar tissue on the uterus which can cause tubal (ectopic) pregnancy, a potentially fatal condition where a subsequent baby develops in the Fallopian tube. Also, scarring can cause infertility when a fertilized egg can have trouble implanting.  Damage to the cervix, the opening to the womb, can cause miscarriages, premature births, and stillbirths.  The cervix is meant to open slowly during hours of labor, not wrenched open in seconds by the abortionist.   See studies here. 

Also, there are no less than 58 studies showing a link between abortion and breast cancer. This is because the breasts begin to change in the first days of pregnancy to get ready to produce milk, but don’t finish changing until the third trimester. Aborting before then puts them in an intermediate state, more susceptible, some researchers say, to cancer.

When asked about this, most pro-abortion groups point to a statement by the American Cancer Society claiming there is no link. However, the ACS denied a link between smoking and lung cancer for over three decades, even after multiple studies were released showing it. American Cancer Society officials are political appointees. The ACS only acknowledged the smoking/cancer link when the Surgeon General of the US ordered them to.

Finally before you go to the abortion clinic, read about what other women’s experiences with abortion were like. Silent No More collects the testimonies of women who had abortions. It has over 2000 stories. if you read what these women are saying, you may get an idea of what abortion is like. Also, if you do have an abortion, Silent No More can tell you where support groups and other resources for post-abortion women can be found. Read what other women are saying.

Below is a picture of anesthesia being injected after dilation of the cervix. This is the first stage of an abortion at 10 weeks. The woman’s legs are blurred out.

abortion at 10 weeks

Too see the rest of this procedure, go here. 

And if you just want someone to talk to, feel free to email me sarah5775@gmail.com

Before you make your final choice I want to leave you with these words from a woman who had an abortion. When asked what she would say to other women considering it, she said:

Never killed the child. It will haunt you the rest of your life… Recognize that, if you have the abortion, you’re not only killing your child, you are killing someone’s brother/sister, someone’s cousin, someone’s friend, someone’s grandchild, someone’s mother, someone’s father, someone’s neighbor. Realize that abortion is killing children…”

Jeanne G Miller Lives Interrupted: the Unwanted Pregnancy Dilemma (Tyler, Texas, 2014) 126


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160 thoughts on “Abortion at 10 Weeks pictures”

  1. Yikes. You need to seriously check your facts. The babies heart does not start beating until 6 weeks. This page is about a 10 week fetus and you say “the babies heart has already been beating for 7 weeks” …the heart does not start beating at 3 weeks. After reading that you lost all credibility with your so called “scientific facts”

  2. It is absolutely appalling that someone would create a website such as this. Disgusting. I’m ashamed to live in a world with people like you. How in this world can you sleep at night? How do you think it makes women feel to come to this website and seeing these images after having a miscarriage. Use whatever small amount of cells you have in your brain and remove this website. Disgusting horrible horrible person.

  3. I’m know this post is a little old but it suprise me seeing some of these coment some of these women say about still wanting abortion how could any body want an abortion after seeing these murder babys and some people calling these unborn baby cell they not cell they unborn baby you can clearly see that by looking at the pitcher and there name clearly say they human.
    fetus mean an unborn human after 8 weeks of conception if you don’t want a baby give it to somebody who want it and these baby can feel pain as urly as 8 weeks of conception and there proof that they can.

  4. I went through a gang rape and after 5 men, yes, I was pregnant. I prayed everyday and ask God what He would have me do at 16. I never tried to kill a child, instead I left it in God’s hands. When I mis-carried, I thought at that time God had made a choice for me. Later in life I gave birth to twin girls that lost their father to death less then a month after conception. I was then 19. I still never thought about how I would raise them, now, both over 40. But God stepped in and provided their every need, not want, but needs. Later he even provided the best man to become Daddy. By then, I could not have any children. He accepted my twins as his own and they loved him just as much. That’s God deciding. As for the rape miscarriage, I had 11 more miscarriages while married to a bad person. I found out that I had negative RH factor blood and it caused early miscarriages. I was able to carry one more child for 11 months. It was not God that decided, but my own body. I did not sin by choosing to save my children, but, today, they have become strong women and have added so much life to those around them. They gave birth after the age of 24 and will be dealing with being older mom’s. But they have been teaching their children that life is the best thing a mom can give a child. Had I listened to friends & family that suggested abortion, I think I would have killed my own self the same day. God has a plan for us all, even the unborn that He knew was going to enter the perfect chosen Mom. Don’t be so easily convinced that you can’t be a good mom. All you have to do is hold that baby. Everything else will come in God’s time. So I say to the mother that is still painfully deciding what to do: Let go and Let God. Find a church that will help you. If 10 say “no”, keep going. Your child deserves your fight. God loves you so much and His arms are just waiting for you to walk into them.

    1. A famous TV preacher named James Robison is the end result of a rape by a criminal. His mother refused to have an abortion knowing fully, as a mother. her baby had nothing to do with it.

    2. How dare you place guilt and shame on rape victims. The life that already is living is worth mord than an unconscious one. These victims have been through enough. How DARE you try to tell someone else what to do after being raped! More kids should be aborted, maybe then they would be being abused a mnd actually really murdered later on. Wake the fuck up you bleeding hearts. You care more about non conscious parasites than actual kids.

  5. This comment is to any female thinking of having an abortion: DON’T, NO MATTER WHAT, JUST DON’T!
    Right now you may feel hopeless, scared, like you have no one and that is okay…having a baby is scary, but you are strong and have the choice to go out there and support you and your child just like millions of other women have done for centuries. With that said, if you choose to have an abortion you may not regret it that same day, a week from then, or 5 years after however, I can promise you eventually you will – and it’s gonna hurt deep down inside your soul. There will be nothing you can do about it but pray. You will wonder what your baby would have looked like, sounded like, smelled like, how much fun you would have had together…
    I had an abortion at 17 years of age. I am 34 now and I think about that child all the time. I have a son and he is the light of my life – I wish I had my other child too!!
    Please THINK about the big picture before you act! No matter what stage of pregnancy you are in – that is YOUR BABY in there!!!! If you allow it, one day that baby will look into your eyes and love you like there is no tomorrow. In that moment you will be so happy you changed your mind….

  6. I am about ten weeks. I am pro choice. And I am choosing to abort because of the simple fact that I am not a fit mother or in a position to care. I’m a heroin addict, homeless, hopeless. I tell myself I don’t care and that I simply feel bad because of the fact that I don’t feel bad.

      1. To force a woman to go through carrying a baby and then expecting them to give it up is more cruel than aborting a clump of cells that has no life, no spirit, and no soul.

          1. I am in tears doing research right now to help young women and men think before having unprotected sex. If you know you are unfit why would you have unprotected sex knowing what the outcome would be. YOUR BABY HAS A HEARTBEAT IT IS LIVING WITH A SOUL AND PURPOSE FROM GOD.GET YOUR UTERUS REMOVED IF YOU WANT TO BE IRRESPONSIBLE.

        1. At 8 weeks everything is in place. A 12 week baby will violently back away from instruments placed in the womb, his/her heart rate will increase to 200 beats a minute, and will silently scream.
          Don’t believe it.
          “The Silent Scream”, an actual abortion on film..

    1. If you haven’t yet aborted why not speak to a community group that could help you adopt out your child as well as help you defeat addiction.?take care and I will pray for you Iani.

    2. Good for you, dont listen to these self-righteous idiots. If you had the baby and addicted and in poverty, these hypocrites would nog help you and theyd blame you for having a kid you cant afford while on drugs. Youre dojng the right thing. If these bitches want to be righteous have them oaybfor your card and adopt your baby and pay for your post natal care and therapy. But they wont because they just like to pass judgement that isnt theirs to give.

      Prolifers are the biggest hypocrital idiots. How dare you try to tell anyone what to do, mind your own fucking business because i huarantee you are not sin-free and all sins are equal in the eyes of hod. Or did you forget that important note of the bible you thump? Cunts all of you, worthless cunts.

  7. I’m 10weeks pregnant , my fiance and I broke up and therefore we called the wedding off. I had bn speaking to a friend n we began to hook up one a week for a while , not necessarily to do the nasty, just to hang out.As that progressed , we very few times made out and I’m pregnant. Hwever I hav gotten back with my fiance and we were actually in the process of moving in and setting a new date for our marriage and I said I would hav the baby earlier n I was going to but my child would definitely come out tall like the dad and so would evidently be known and also I’m unemployed and most importantly when I dd tell the guy of my pregnancy , he asked me to abort it , even offered to pay for the K.O Pill. I mean I was heartbroken n he clearly stated he wanted nothing to do with the child and wants it out and I didn’t do anything. But my child would definitely be tall showing my deceit and betrayal to my fiance , also how would I support the child?? And make my child suffer the loss of a father , just like I did?? “Death would be better” – iv always said and I’ll still say up until today and most likely until the end of my time. Yet Iv been blessed with one of God’s angels. I’ve got the worlds most loving , caring , undestanding , honest & the best mom anyone could ever have asked for. . You know this is actually and understatement to her and how she is actually. She one of a kind , I love her very much . . She’s my life.But you always do need a dad!! Having a father in ones life Is a necessity.I still live with effects of nt having a dad around in my daily life , I suffered a lot due to that. Suicidal attempts as well. So idk what to do I’m in such a predicament.

    1. I just want to let you know that I was in a similar situation. I am white and so is my husband. We have 6 blonde children. I had an affair with a man that was half black. I was very afraid that in my small community everyone would know what I had done as I surely thought black was a dominate gene and my baby would at least have brown curly hair and darker skin. Through my crisis pregnancy, my husband agreed to love and raise this baby. I had fear for 9 months about a big scandal hitting. She came out with red, curly hair and white, porcelain skin. I let you know this so that you really can’t predict what the baby will look like. (tall) Ask your fiancé to be a hero. My husband loves this baby so much and could never imagine how much he would. The baby is soooo loved by my other children. Sometimes our biggest problems turn out to big our biggest blessings. You can make it through it. Your new husband can give your undeserved forgiveness and offer you redeeming love. You have been humbled. This does not need to break you. Let it heal you as you begin a marriage humble at heart, thankful, appreciative, full of love and forgiveness. Let this child bring joy to your life. I can’t imagine a day not looking into her beautiful blue eyes and curly red hair. Our whole family adores her. You will adore your baby too, and you can bet many will say, your baby looks just like your husband. It just happens.

    2. It sad but I was on my owe throughout my pregnancy n I thought of abortion but I ened up keeping my baby its been two years n I’m doing just fine I always said how I’m I gonna do it I have no car,job or the man in my life but I did just fine I don’t get child support or cash aid or food stamps n I’m doing just fine being a single mom ..my mom was a single mother of 4 kids

    1. No. Nature isn’t a person, so nature doesn’t have fault. But if a mother has an abortion than the mother is a murder.

      It’s time stoping using fallacies and admit it that abortion is murder and the murderer is the mother.

      1. Well then why aren’t these murdering women (I won’t say moms because obviously ….well you know what happened) in jail?

          1. Well, why isn’t it the same? Answer it is. Can’t be jail time if there is not a law against it . DUH!

        1. They will be someday when it is made illegal which will soon be coming since we can now see a perfectly formed human at 4 weeks gestation and can prove that they do feel pain

          1. At four weeks it is still an embryo — this is not a fully formed baby or even fetus for that matter and I have not read any research ‘proving’ that an embryo feels pain

  8. This site is sick but what can you expect from pro lifers. It’s not baby, it’s clearly developing into one but it’s not one YET, really it’s just masses of cells and tissues and beginning organs. And that is just biology. I had an abortion about 5 years ago and I have never, not once regretted it or experienced guilt. People more intelligent than myself and the women who made this site have determined that it is not murder, hence why it’s legal for me to go and have an abortion. It’s only a traumatic experience of you buy into this prolife bull. So to women who have had or are considering an abortion … Feel empowered that you and no one else gets to make this decision for you and when you make that choice for yourself well then you’ve made the right one.

      1. Yes adults are as well but there are major differences between the two, I suggest you take a biology course if you think they are the same thing.

        1. As a biology major I have had many classes and it is YOU who are greatly mistaken. These are human beings in the earliest stages of life and yes they are very much alive.

        2. Kate it isn’t my job to judge you. Society doesn’t help women enough in crisis pregnancies-hence we have abortion,. Abortion is legal and so most are raised to think it is therefore not wrong.
          Also it is an “all about me culture”
          How also do we explain abortions done because the baby is the wrong GENDER.
          Those photos are those of tiny humans.
          If you absolutely cannot/don’t want a child -don’t have intercourse or become sterilized. Having intercourse means accepting the possibility you may conceive a child.

          1. Judge away or don’t .. Doesn’t matter to me because I certainly judge prolife beliefs. I do agree that society needs to do more to help prevent unwanted pregnancy but abortion is a solution to a pregnancy crisis

            And gender selective abortions are a seperate issue

            Also you are wrong — when someone consents to sex this is all they are consenting to

        3. Thank you, Kate for being a reasonable voice among the horrid guilt trip of pictures and preaching of sacrificing your life to a path you may not want.

          1. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad my comments weren’t falling on deaf ears. And you described this site to a T.

          2. I wasn’t planning on leaving a comment yet this perfectly sums up this website. It is a massive guilt trip for those women who choose to have an abortion. I’m 15 years old and am doing an assignment on abortion for school and I was looking around when i found this website. I wish people would read unbiased websites rather than this!

    1. It seems to me that you are trying to say whatever you can to make yourself feel better about having an abortion. I believe you do have regrets and do feel guilty about it. Being the mother to an 18 month old and being 10 weeks with my second I cannot imagine someone to just end a life like it is no big deal and encourage others to do the same. That is disgusting.

      1. No people are not all the same some of us are moral and have objections to murder. One day when you really face what you did I hope you can live through it.

          1. why won’t this site let me respond to Lucy.

            Also why do some of my comments get deleted while Lucy here can call me a piece of shit?? Literally nothing to say but an insult.

            Hmmm is this site biased? Wait, that’s already obvious.

      2. I never noticed this in your comment before. I ignored you before because well, you can never truly know how I feel can you.
        But I would never encourage women to have abortions, birth control 100%, but not abortion. I will however always support a woman’s choice either way. And I will always defend a woman’s right to choose.

    2. So Kate you say judge away, alright I will. People deader than you decided an abortion was OK morally. Feel empowered to murder your own child. That makes you desensitized to suffering and to the life of a child who you ignorantly think is a mass of cells. You are very much much like a sociopath. You, who took a life for your selfish convenience . That child was cognizant of what you were doing and makes you not much of a mother.

    3. I know this is 2 years after your comment, and I’ve been going down some strange hole this evening trying to understand people’s view other than mine but I wanted to thank you for comments like this. 2 years ago I found out I was pregnant and decided that it just wasn’t time. I found it infuriating that I could not find unbiased information about a procedure that I wanted. Websites like this continue to complicate the issue with these Ripley’s-esque pictures. So, if you are finding yourself here because you are trying to find what is the right choice for you, please do not let these sensational photos (and name-slinging attacks) scare you from finding the truth. Mine was nothing like anything described or shown here, and like Kate, I haven’t once regretted it.
      If you decide an abortion is not for you, I respect that too.

  9. I honestly cannot believe how some women can just kill their baby on a whim! Yes people’s opinions of rape/abuse etc are different but it isn’t the child’s fault so instead of the baby been punished and killed why isn’t this happening to the perpetrator?? Oh an to literally get rid of a child cos they don’t want to be judged by people for living on benefits is disgusting!! This is am example of why the state benefits are there!

    1. Except that killing a child and having an abortion are not the same thing at all…..go receive some education before posting.

      1. I read so much anger in your posts. You can label the “contents of the uterus” whatever you want. But when you go to sleep at night, remember that your baby never got to play with your hair, snuggle on your shoulder, help you comb your hair, ride a trike, eat a chocolate chip cookie or enjoy a birthday cake or look at a Christmas tree. Nope your little mass of cells probably went in a garbage can. No reason for you to feel guilty. Why then have you happened upon this site? Why are you defending your position? Why are you so angry? You should be happy, ecstatic with your decision. Continue to promote your freedom of choice. You go ahead and live the rest of your life caring about only yourself, your desires, your dreams and your goals. Live a great life and trample over everyone that gets in your way, because only you matter. If you ever find true joy, let me know. When you experience undeserved forgiveness, redeeming love and give of yourself to make others happy, only then will you find inner peace. In the quiet, do you ever wonder what your group of cells would have looked like? Would it have had your smile? Your hair? Would it have loved bubble gum and had a special blankie? I guess we will never know…..but I wonder. You may not feel guilty, because you have believed your own lie. You are angry when you look at these pictures. You blame it on the pr0-lifers, but really it was you. You did that.

        1. Well then the sacrifice of your first child’s life was well worth the education, job your house free and clear, all the monetary,physical objects and fairy tale life your murdered child will never have. Yes. The convenience of an abortion was all worth it for YOU.

          1. Well ya my choice was for me, I hope no one ever has an abortion for someone other than themselves – it is the pregnant woman’s decision end of story.

        2. Thank you Kate. I throughly thought out my decision and finally made the decision best for me and I started to see these awful comments and pictography. I am glad someone like you can be open enough to share the sincerity of doing away with a pregnancy that you are not ready to nurse. I am happy I have made my decision and I know I will not regret it because I feel peace knowing I have taken the best option for me at this time.

          1. The best option for YOU. You aren’t doing away with a “pregnancy” you are doing away with a BABY. A child. And, ultimately it may turn out not to be the best option for you- if you have any goodness left in your heart, you may wonder what that child could have been.

          2. I don’t think it’s ever an easy choice but I’m glad you did what was right for you and for sharing with me.
            And as for the comment below …. just more guilt tripping exaggeration.

        3. It’s been 2 years, so here’s an update:

          I have a beautiful child whose second birthday is fast approaching. He has my eyes, but definitely not my hair. He’s got a wild spirit to him and a laugh that fills your heart till it’s about to burst. He is also the hardest thing I have ever done in my life and the biggest challenge my partner and I have faced. But I would change nothing…. well maybe the crying, colic is no joke. But joking aside, I still got to experience all of those things, but when it was the right time for myself and my family.

          Now you asked why I was on the site. I was on the site because I was 10 weeks pregnant and doing a little reading up and came across this sad sorry excuse for a website. I’m back now because I’m recovering from a back injury and have lots of time to kill.
          Next question, defending my position. I will always defend a woman’s right to choose.
          Next question, angry? Not angry, though a lot of you ladies were trying hard. It’s actually a little amusing.
          Next question, happy and estatic? I don’t think those are the correct words. Relieved, and thankful that I live in a country where I get to choose what happens to my body.

          What bothers me about those pictures and this website is that they are sensational at best.

          You don’t even really deserve a response but I’m bored and you probably won’t read it anyways since it’s old now.

      2. Actually, KILLING A BABY IS EXACTLY THE SAME. The child can often be heard SCREAMING inside the womb. Many are born ALIVE, and then sent to labs to be experimented on. Many DIE in a garbage can, when they are ABORTED, especially second trimester babies. I have seen with my own eyes these procedures. They STICK A NEEDLE TYPE APARATUS into the BACK OF THE CHILD’S SKULL, and they DESTROY its brain. Sometimes, it doesn’t work the way its intended, and instead, the child is PULLED APART, piece by piece, limb by limb. Many children ARRIVE IN THIS WORLD, INTACT and BREATHING. They are often dumped into a garbage can and left to die, before being SENT OFF TO THE LAB THAT PAYS TO EXPERIMENT ON THEM. So, please don’t speak about something you CLEARLY know little about. The above info comes from several ABORTION NURSES and DOCTORS who watched this, and DID IT, DAILY!!

          1. Okay so my immediate reaction was to just bash what you had to say but I held off and went to this site.
            Surprise, surprise it was a prolife website and this was an article of he said she said. And it was discussing something called partial birth abortions … These can apparently done in the 30+ weeks. I have never heard of this occurring so I will need to look into it before I can truly comment.
            Regardless, this is not typical, certainly was not my case, I saw what came out and it looked like a blood clot, smaller than a grape. Gross but no baby. About 88% of abortions occur in the first trimester.

          2. As I am 100% against abortion where they cut up babies and kill them I am not opposed to the abortion pill where it basically forces a miscarriage I had a miscarriage at 6 or so weeks and didn’t even see a clot there wasn’t anything there isn’t even a heart beat until 8 weeks so until 8 weeks it really is just a mass of cells in my opinion

  10. Thank you for sharing the images. I had an abortion 30 years ago. I was not necessarily pro-life at the time, but I did not feel that I was doing the “right” thing, either. I urge any woman considering abortion to consider all of the other choices. Make abortion the absolute last resort. For your own sake. If I would have chosen adoption rather than abortion, I would not be living with this deep, deep regret and sadness. Think long term. God bless you.

  11. As a woman be strong and follow your own heart dont let the opinions of others get you down if you want a termination than it is your right to do so without the graphic pitchures in your face or anything else that delays your decision on whats right for you ive had children i sacrificed a lot its my time to put my self first im having a termination and im proud of my self so for anyone that disagrees with me thats your problem not mine power to the strong its what keeps us moving along

    1. I agree …such morbid pictures and judgemental comments is straight up bullying and do not come from a scientific view point. Be empowered by your decision, there is nothing wrong with it.

      1. Nothing scientific or indeed biological needs to be researched Kate. Killing is killing and that’s what abortions do.

        1. Words have a lot of power so it’s pretty important to use the correct words. Killing, is not the correct term. An abortion ends life for sure, but c’mon a sperm cell is considered life. So, following your logic or non logic a man is killing his babies every time he jerks off into his tube sock.
          I do think a line needs to be drawn somewhere but that’s where science and biology (and most likely multiple other disciplines) come into play. I personally would struggle supporting a late term abortion but most late term abortions are due to medical reasons. Now the majority of abortions actually take place in the first trimester and this is where proper research (not graphic sensational pictures/sob stories) are really important. Proper education about it can help a woman decide if she is comfortable with it or not. And unfortunately sites like this can be very misinforming, misleading and manipulative.
          But I don’t think this site nor the majority of commenters want to get down to the nitty gritty of things, seems like the preference is anecdotal evidence and insults.

      1. You Sarah are a prime example of the bullying I’m talking about. You really shouldn’t put words in other people’s mouths. Additionally, being empowered and power are two separate things. But obviously from another comment of yours, you tend to just lump things in categories together without first becoming educated to understand differences. So in an attempt to make things clearer for you, what I’m talking about is women being empowered of their own bodies and their legal rights.

        1. And if your referring to “power to strong it’s what keeps us moving on” from 33yr old mom’s post … Well I didn’t write her post but it’s obvious that what you said is not what she’s saying. Your grasping at air here for an argument and failing miserably.

        2. Prayers for you Kate we have different opinions but that doesn’t make it okay for anyone to badmouting you. I do believe what the Bible says that God knows us before conception thus all babies have a soul at every stage. I took a lot of anatomies and physiologist in college, so I am educated but I also believe my Bible. I was 20 when my daughter was born it has not been easy it took 5 yrs to get a 2 yr degree and 3 med certs but I wouldn’t take it back my husband ran off with another woman, we were left homeless because I didn’t make anything. My dad and stepmom took us in my ex started paying his support her stepmom has become a nice stepmother to her. I met and married an amazing man who loves our children equally we have a 2 yr old together. God took care of us. You never know how things will end up my daughter was worth it all and still is. Also scientific theories are proven wrong all of the time, babies with anencephaly are believed to be emotionless vegetables but it has recently been proven that some of these children do see, hear, and feel pain. You can’t change the past no matter what you do belI’ve but you can learn from it. Praying for you right now God Bless you.

          1. Thank you for your response. Yes, our opinions may differ but I appreciate the kind and civil approach you took.
            I am very glad that the path you took worked out for you, I wish it worked out that way for more mothers in similar situations.
            Also, I’m sure in 20 years looking back I would have been glad to have that child…. but we will never know because that’s not the path I chose. I have a beautiful child now with a man I love and this is the path I chose. It’s been 2 years since I posted and I’m still happy with the choices I made.
            You are right, what we know is always changing and my mind will not be closed to new discoveries. But in the mean time, I will always advocate for women first.
            I support choice, I support women who want to end pregnancies and women who choose to birth a child.

  12. If you dared to have sex than dare to have a baby. Women say my body my choice, but what about the body inside you? Its there body… but what choice do they have? Its plain selfish. It barely looks human? Well then you barely do too. Because your not using your brain to realize that there IS another life inside of you. Now if we’re talking about rape then sorry to say but things DO happen. I got raped and I became pregnant at 15 years old, I dealt with it. You dont have to keep the child, give it up for adobtion. It would sure as hell do better. Just dont abort.

    1. Also for those kids going around from home to home, they wouldnt have to be doing that if some ladies kept there legs CLOSED

    2. to the raped at 15 woman good for you that you had a baby you didint even keep as for me ive had four children and i am having a abortion it is my body and yes their is another life inside me and ultimately why should my life be altered by that fact it is not selfish to consider ones own health when as a woman i have every right to put my self first without your pre conceived judgement it is most degrading for woman to be labelled based on a very difficult decision that she has had to make you made your choice to have a baby that was forced inside you dont expect every other woman to follow suit in fact if termination was made more available to woman who simply just didint want kids than maybe we wouldint see fully grown babies abandon in drains or thrown in rubbish bins or simply kids that grow up being resented because they were not wanted what is cruel ending a life before its begun or ending it as a fully formed human being

      1. It’s simple in this world there’s places called doctors office or plan parenthood for birth control for those that don’t want to use condoms or have kids simple way not to get pregnant n get an abortion

    3. It’s the modern age,
      You can choose a life you want
      There aren’t consequences to having sex just like there isn’t fear of certain diseases because of medicine and vaccinations. Stop being ignorant about 1st trimester abortions.

  13. I think the really sick thing here is how a woman who’s previously had an abortion could sit and play with these dead baby parts arranging them in some sordid display, that coin is not a measurement aid but some form of sadistic focal point for a very sick individual, We as woman have the right to choose, we have certain tools in place to help us deal with the decisions we make this ladies does not help either party! This has seriously p*ssed me off!! “Jewel” if you don’t want to work in such a place then go to school and get a better job but don’t deflect your own guilt onto innocent woman trying to do the right thing, I had an abortion and I can assure you the foetus was intact and there wasn’t one drop of blood save my own, these abortions must have been via suction or D&C stop your scaremongering as it’s pictures like these that could ruin a teenage girls life and that of her baby’s

    1. so exactly WHAT IS your point ?
      are the results of any abortion LESS DEAD if coming out in pieces or MORE DEAD coming out intact ?
      and being you’re a shill for the industry,why aren’t YOU familiar with the practice of “arranging” the body parts so as to prove a COMPLETE abortion was done and the procedures results ?

  14. Walk a mile in my shoes before you judge. I’m a woman who went to bible study twice a week and loves my god. I got divorced 18 months ago and found myself pregnant for the first time in my life a few weeks ago. It was to a boyfriend id broken up with days before the discovery and the first pregnancy I’ve ever had. I’m having a termination after never believing i would never ever abort a child. I’m not resigning my child and myself to living off the state. I have no family in this country and would be living off taxpayers. My child would more than likely end up the same judging by statistics. It would be easy to sit home and get my rent and council tax paid, even an upgrade to a 2 bed place instead of my studio flat, with a baby, but i will not do that. Yes life is sacred, but there is quality of life to always consider.

    1. Yes, you do love your god. Your god is you. Going to Bible study means nothing if you have no personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The Bible says you will know you are God’s if you keep His commandments. One of His commandments is “Thou shalt not murder”. So you fornicated (the Bible forbids fornication) and then you killed to cover up your sexual sin. And yet you claim you love God? You are deceived. You love yourself. I John 2:15-17 I pray you will repent and truly come to know Jesus Christ. Because He does love you and died to forgive your sins. It would be a shame for you to suffer the eternal punishment for what you have done when you could repent and believe.

    2. So, if you love your God, what makes you think he would WANT YOU TO MURDER? Does he not say, THOU SHALT NOT KILL? Do you only listen to WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR? No, you don’t love God, nor do you care about that child inside you. If you did, you could not kill, no matter what. It’s one of the ten commandments, period. There is NO EXCUSE for it. God didn’t say, DON’T KILL IF, he simply said, “THOU SHALT NOT KILL!”

      Have you seen what really happens to these babies? http://www.lifeissues.org/connector/99jul.html Maybe you should! They FEEL IT! Many are born ALIVE, breathing, hearts beating, etc.

      ADOPTION is a MUCH BETTER CHOICE, and MANY BABIES GET ADOPTED. Many end up with an amazing life. Selfish people don’t allow that to occur, however. Instead, they simply GET RID OF THE CHILD, without thought of what happens to it, nor what GOD SAYS about it.

      1. Angel,

        The link you provided is to partial birth abortions and late terms abortions. I hope we can all agree here that partial birth abortion and late term abortions are sickening and we should all be against them, I mean we’re not monsters here, so stop trying to point a finger at women here!

    3. I understand. Im almost being forced to abort. My “boyfrien” threatened to get me fired and turn my family on Me. Some quality of life

      1. That sounds like a situation you should get out of. You live your life. If you want the baby, keep it.

  15. It still barely looks human.

    Stop trying to make women feel guilty for their choice. If men were the ones getting pregnant, I bet abortion wouldn’t be as big of an issue as it is now. You don’t have to support abortion, but that doesn’t give you the right to try and micro-manage another woman’s uterus. As long as an abortion is done legally, then its not our place to judge. If you’re religious, Jesus told people to refrain from judging others. And if you’re not religious and you don’t like abortion, then don’t get one. No one is forcing you to get an abortion. Im sure many women who consider abortions are having a difficult time and sometimes there is a reason that you don’t know why they are considering it. Besides, abortion exists all over tge world, even in places where it may be illegal. And it has existed for a long time. Having legal abortions as an option is safer, otherwise some women will either end up getting illegal abortions or traveling elsewhere where it is legal to get one.

    Finally, there are so many children right now who are in foster care or orphanages. Not to mention all the poor children and teenagers who are either being abused, starving, trafficked or stuck living in an unhealthy environment. Why don’t pro-life people focus on helping those who are already alive and have been born. Why don’t you focus on raising awareness for abused children and teenagers? Why don’t you consider how we can improve existing conditions so that children are safer and both men and women are educated and take equal responsibility for contraception or raising a child.

    1. How we look does not determine our humanity. I am not human because I LOOK human. I am human because I AM human. The preborn are living human beings from conception and that is biological fact. Also–whenever abortion supporters bring up foster care etc…are you saying it would be better for those kids to be dead? Is that REALLY your argument? What compassion!

      1. I think your confused Sarah. When discussing foster care it’s not in sense of thinking that those children would be better off dead it’s in the sense of prolife efforts would be better served in helping those children….the ones who are alive and desperately need help. Instead of here bullying women into keeping unwanted children or children they cannot support. Like common now the first comment stated that pretty clearly, she even gave examples lol

      2. Sarah,

        If you’re so compassionate, are you work at all with poor or disabled or abused children? I am just wondering? Since you’re so compassionate and all, what charity/volunteer work do you do?

  16. i am girl from S.A., it is very disturbing to look at this photos, i imagine that everyone has the opportunity to decide what they want to do with their bodies, it is fare enough to do so, but what if the little body living inside of you had the opportunity to speak for him/herself, pleading for you to give them a chance, a chance to look you in the eyes and thanking you for the time that they have spend in your body, having the experience of knowing that their heart beat matches yours.It is truely a blessing from God knowing that you have something in you that is growing inside of you, knowing that someone will call you mommy one day, he can be that someone that you’ll need. Think before you act, listen before you respond, for i believe the decisions we make today will define our future…

  17. I am currently 10 weeks pregnant and suffering from hyperemesis gravidium it is a severe form of vomiting and nausea.. I thought about a termination.. However I’ve already heard the baby’s heartbeat and looking at these photos I can’t imagine myself even calling that clinic. Hyperemesis is no Joke but I’d rather be patient.. I had this sickness with my now 18 month old daughter and she is sooo beautiful and l?ving.. She gets me through my toughest days.. I was going to terminate her due to severe sickness nausea and vomiting… im so glad I didn’t..I know itll be worth it to keep this baby too..

    1. Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, mother of Prince George, was very ill with hyperemesis when she was carrying George and now that she is pregnant again. She was in the hospital the first time and is currently being treated at Kensington Palace. The treatment is probably antiemetics and IV fluids. You may need this if your sickness is disabling and dehydrating you. Good luck

    2. Thank you so much for writing this comment, Im 10 weeks as well and have been hospitalized 2 times already BC of sickness. It does make u think twice about it but if you were able to make it I should be able to.

  18. So is it okay to kill something based on looks? I love my children down to the last cell because they are part of me. How amazing a phenomenon that the attributes of two people can combine into one being. That is astonishing! How selfish we can be sometimes. Some say “abort them because if you can’t afford them”. So you have to struggle a bit, it is possible to be broke and happy. Been there. Or “I’m too young and scared”…but not too young for sex? Or “I don’t want to remember my rapist”. Adoption is an option, and so is forgiveness. “My job, my education, my career”. Angelina Jolie, Beyoncé, many others. “The child will be abused and unloved”. Seriously? I got pregnant at 15yrs old, young broke and scared and was suggested by family to abort. Yes it hurt, yes I gave up many things, yes it was hard, but I kept my baby. I finished school, went to college, I married my child’s father, we have two perfectly happy loved non-abused boys and I’m 10 wks pregnant. I can do whatever I want but I choose to stay at home. You don’t have to abort your baby. Life will go on. Make better decisions. Maybe try abstinence. If you get pregnant unexpectedly, work harder if you need to, ask for help if need be. Just don’t use a selfish excuse if you choose to do otherwise. It may only be fertilized egg but it is still human life. It’s not a cat, it’s not dirt, it’s not a germ. Side note: (if I had to make the choice between myself or my baby, I would let my life go so that that child could live. That is perfect love.)

    1. Women have the RIGHT to do whatever they want with their own bodies. Not every pregnant 15 year old in my town stayed in school and went to college…you are an exception. Quit forcing your beliefs on others.

      1. When the pill began to be marketed in England in the 1960’s, me and my peers welcomed the sexual “freedom” it promised. There was no talk about women’s “rights” then. I had not heard of anyone who felt oppressed by men – not in the UK anyway. The struggles of African Americans (who then called themselves “black”) and of Africans under apartheid, along with concern about nuclear proliferation and the Vietnam War, were the causes we got behind. Indira Ghandi was the Prime Minister of India and Golda Meir the PM of Israel. We were confident, that when women “run the world”, there would be no more bloodshed. Now take modern America for example: under four million Americans have been killed AND injured, in ALL the wars that America has fought since 1775, including the global war on terror, while nearly 56,000,000 aborted Americans have been snuffed by women. The number of women killed and injured from abortion and contraception, is not included in that figure.
        I wish the living sisterhood would take it upon themselves to explore all the harm they consent to, and have a true feminist movement that would work to protect women. You could start by really checking out the articles on this site. You could learn more at AbortionBreastCancer.com; see the most recent stats at the Center for Disease Control, regarding STD’s and contraception; read the testimonies at http://www.silentnomoreawareness.org/testimonies/
        You could also read the book ‘Victims and Victors’ that includes the stories of 187 rape survivors, or you could help protect sisters in India and China, by joining Womens Rights Without Frontiers. Stop believing the popular hype, which is spewed out, through news, entertainment and social media, in obedience to the 1969 Jaffe Memo and the 1974 National Security Memo 200 which was signed by Henry Kissinger.
        Tonya Reaves, Jennifer Morbelli, Karnamaya Mongar and all the others who have died from practicing this “right”, rest in peace.

      2. Women have the rights to do whatever they want with there own bodies? what about the body in the womens womb? its there body… but what rights do they get?

      3. So, this would be a better choice:


        Have you seen the operation? Have you heard the CHILDREN SCREAM IN UTERO? Yes, they can SCREAM. You often see they are born with their MOUTHS OPEN. Their heads are often CRUSHED, before they are removed. I would urge you to see some of the videos on the subject, before speaking. You know so little about it, obviously. Just because people attempt to educate others, does not mean they are pushing them to do something they don’t want to do, in the first place. However, many don’t know what happens.

      4. I don’t believe she was forcing any beliefs on her. She was sharing her story, what she went through, so someone else can realize they have options other than to murder their baby. Why is everyone so quick to jump down other people’s throats?

    2. You suggest forgiveness as an option for those who have been raped?
      How dare you? Unless you have been raped, don’t nake suggestions. Besides every victim deals with things differently. Forgivness is a word many use and claim, but deep down inside I doubt many people are able to truly forgive when there is a serious issue. Victims of rape are VICTIMS and they have the right to choose, as long as it is legal. Choosing abortion does not make them any better or worse as people.

      Finally, you also mention that a fetus is “not a cat” – except a cat is also a living being, and it is in fact more alive, more conscious, at that point in time also more intelligent and perhaps more capable of feeling pain than an unborn fetus at 10 weeks.

  19. I can tell all of you, that a 10 week fetus looks like a real baby. I have had abortions, I’m not proud, my abortion at ten weeks was using the pills, so I would pass the baby at home on my own. What I did not know was how it would happen. I laid down to sleep and woke 5 hours later gushing blood. I ran to the bathroom and delivered my baby in the tub, baby was still in water sac completely still full of fluid, I had passed the baby fully. I balled my eyes out, I had to look at my baby that I had killed, cause I couldn’t do it, I cut the sac and looked at my baby, it looked like a baby, and also looked like it was developing a little penis, I have had to live with knowing I killed my son. So if your one of those ppl who don’t believe it doesn’t look like a baby, and that its just tissue, have a abortion using the pills around 10 weeks, stay at home and wait, you will hold that child in your hands, then I think you might change your mind. I have had to make discissions, and at this moment I’m really having a hard time. I’ve been with this man for well over a year, he’s not been easy to get along with. He can be abusive physically, mentally, and all the rest. He’s gotten were now he controls how I work, I’ve had to sneak to sometimes just to have fun. I’m not have sex or anything to do with anyone in that manor, but just needed to have fun. All I’ve done is work n home, or with him. Well I found out I’m pregnant, and at first I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. But it was because when we first got to gether with in two months he knocked me up, it was to early, and I knew it was best not to. So I had the abortion. I told him I couldnt do that again. So mean while threw this relationship he has threw it at me that I killed his baby, so I decide I couldn’t do the abortion. So now I’m pregnant, but he went threw my phone and found back up storage , went threw my pictures, seen pictures were I went on a boat with my nanny, and my childrens father. He flipped out, I’ve been slapped, hit, choked pretty much you name it today. He says if I have this baby, he’s taking it from me, he’s called me every name in the book, it was only a fun day on a party boat. With my nanny and kids father. Now I just don’t know what to do. I feel like I love this baby inside me, but I feel and know I can’t get fat or a buble belly cause of my job, I’m basically a single mother. I hate how I feel, I hate what I might have to do, I’m already feeling like I’m having suicidal thoughts.

    1. Dear Monica;
      I feel for you I really do. You have to realize that your life is precious and you deserve better! I have been there and I understand. I’ve been in abusive relationships. I now know I deserve better. Abusive men are sick and not capable of changing. If you are thinking he will be with someone else when you leave, guess what, he will treat the next woman the same way. No better. You need someone to talk to. Please seek help by seeing a therapist. You need to get away from this man before he kills you. He is a sociopath not capable of having empathy or loving anyone. Please, for your safety and the safety of your baby pack a bag while he is out of the house and leave. If you need to talk please e-mail me. I am here for you. anangelimnot01@gmail.com

    2. Monica have your baby, you wont be able to live with your self if you kill this one too. God loves you and your baby. Have him be strong! Get away from that fool he doesnt deserve you. YOU NEED YO BREAK THAT CYCLE IS IN YOUR HANDS! just remember God is with you to make you strong.

      1. How DARE you say that Mary?! How many women do you know in abusive relationships exactly? Is it really that easy for them to escape? Do you know that women are at the greatest risk when they LEAVE? How DARE you tell this stranger that she won’t be able to live with herself if she decides to terminate this pregnancy? Her decision is hard enough, she is being abused!

    3. Please call a domestic violence hotline or contact me at 3xxxxx1 ur not alone if ur in America safe horizon can help everything you say is confidential please call you have a friend in me I wont judge you I promise just talk to me we can confine in each other

  20. This did TRUELY sick. Whoever wrote this is a fucking monster.

    Woman who had abortions are NOT murderers!!!

  21. It is a great disrespect to these dead “humans” to show their pictures to further your agenda. Stick with telling people they are going to “hell” that is the way your people have controlled the idiot masses for 2000 years no sense trying something new now. There is no God or Soul, these embryos are the equivalent a tumor at this stage in development, their only purpose is to grow. You are not a person until you can recognize that you exist, we have evolved to feel love and compassion for babies as a way to ensure their survival and they represent hope for the future for many people. If you don’t want an abortion, don’t get one. But stop telling other people how to live their lives.

    1. Why are pro-choicers so obsessed with religion? they bring it up so often. The owner of this website is a pro-life atheist. Also, you say that its “disrespectful” to show these pictures then say that the babies in the pictures are nothing but “tumors” how is it “disrespectful” of a tumor to show a picture of it? Seems like you are having a hard time being consistent. As for there being no God or soul, why is that a pro-choice argument? part of the reason I am pro-life is that I don’t believe in the soul or afterlife- therefore, when these aborted babies lose their lives, they are losing the only life they will ever have. They will never go to heaven and get another chance. As for not recognizing if you exist, how many two day old infants do that? I guess its ok to kill them too, huh?

      1. Is that not depressing to believe this hell most of the time on earth and all the pain and suffering is all there is to life? To have no joyful eternity to look forward to and to live in perfect love forever after this life…..then why bother at all. I am truly sorry for whatever has happened to people who do not believe in god, jesus or heaven because you will not only face one pathetic life on earth and suffer forever afterwards but your going to miss one heck of a party with Jesus!!!

    2. Chris, who the hell are you to say when a person is a person or when a child is a living being. Conception is life and approximately 5 weeks you can hear a heartbeat. If a beating heart isn’t a living being then you sure the heck are not one either. You have no clue what’s going on in that womb. I have made the mistake of having abortion I wish I could take back and would if I could especially when you can see little lhands a feet at 8 weeks clearly. These pics are to show these babies are and do look like babes with brain cells, circulatory system and everything growing everyday. They move, hiccup and can feel and touch by 12 weeks or earlier. Hopefully it will help give strength to those considering abortion that does not even give the child the choice to live or to die. I just had to have a d&e due to a missed miscarriage where the baby died a little over 6 weeks, I finally had the procedure done at 12 weeks since there was no growth of anything anymore and this was my second miscarriage in 1 year and have been trying to have children for over 6 now. You must be the most imbecilic jerk I have ever seen write or say something and God help you.

    3. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Tumors? You’re not a person until you can recognize that you exist? No God & No Soul? Wow. I feel sorry for you

    4. No, the movement is about the real facts. Sorry. Wont be about dambing anyone to eternal fire, just raw video and images..FACTS. Sorry

  22. Recently divorced and trying to survive with a 4 and 6 yr old. Started a new job, and had been there only 2 years. Met a guy, had sex once and found out I was pregnant. My father told me he was not going to help me anymore if I was pregnant. I was sick all the time and was fearful I would lose my job. My doctor told me, “Don’t worry, it is just a bunch of cells at 10 weeks.” She did a DNC. It is now 30 years later and I got up the courage to see the pictures. Why did my doctor lie to me? My God, I committed murder?

    1. You can only make decisions with information you are given. You didn’t know. You were young. Use this as an opportunity to inform others. Save another babies life. Make good of this. Don’t beat yourself up over something you didn’t know. God loves you and he feels the pain you feel. Turn it around and make it good.

      1. Ask for God’s forgiveness, He will give it to you. She’s right, He loves you & feels the pain you do. Then learn to forgive yourself.

    2. i started reading the items on here for various reasons .you are not a murderer ,you acted on what you were told (mislead)murder is a premeditated act .you must not blame yourself for someone else misleading you.even if they thought it was best for you at the time ,they knew the facts you didn t

      1. Wow. So much anger! What is so empowering about having the right to kill your baby? According to embryology, science and God, it is human life from the point of conception. By the way, you once looked the same way. Every human being has. We all went through the same gestational stages. Good thing your Mom didn’t feel the same way about abortion as you do, right? You wouldn’t be here to enjoy your job, school, paid off house & other material fluff in your life. I don’t judge anyone, but Hell…if you’re going to be proud of it, you’re just plain evil

      2. Abortion IS premeditated. You have to call, make an appt, get the money, get a ride there, pass the protesters who plead you not to take your baby’s life, etc, etc…yeah, that’s premeditated

  23. To “No Name”:

    Yes actually a human child at 10 weeks gestation looks just as it should look. Like a human. Not only does it look human, it has it’s own set of unique finger prints at that point. Sounds pretty human to me. Please do some research as you seem to be poorly misguided.

  24. Shame on you. Fetus’ at 11-12 weeks look nothing like this. You are lying to people. Your ends do not justify these means. If you want to win this debate -do it honestly or you destroy any moral foundation you may have. Lying to ignorant people is shameful and should be criminal.

    1. No Name, you are wrong. Here is a link to the Endowment for Human development- a source that is not pro-life, but affiliated with the department of health and human services.


      You can clearly see all the features of the baby at 10 weeks.

      here is a video of the child at nine weeks from the same source: http://www.ehd.org/prenatal-images.php?thum_id=424

      You can clearly see her closed eyes, and her little hands clasping and unclasping.

    2. No Name, with all of the resources we have available to us today, it is wise to educate yourself before posting your opinion on a public forum. Please post facts and sources for your statements.

      “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.” – Mark Twain

    3. I’m pregnant 10 weeks right now. I just got an ultrasound yesterday and my baby has hands and feet just like it is shown in the pictures on this website. It’s sad isn’t it? That these poor babies die for nothing. Makes you think real hard about it huh? And who are you calling ignorant? You’re the one that anvil idly doesn’t know what a human being looks like. The baby is already forming weeks after you’re pregnant. It doesn’t take months and months for them to develop hands, feet, nose, eyes, etc.

  25. Shocking pictures! I will remember this site if anyone ever confides in me that they are planning an abortion. Over a decade ago I was told that a baby, who would now been my baby’s cousin, was aborted. Also around 10 weeks or thereabouts. I heard about it only after it had already happened. I never realized how human they look so early! (I had sonar pictures of my pregnancy, but a bit later, and not that fantastic quality.) Now I’m crying for that unborn cousin and for all aborted babies.

      1. They do look like humans that early I am 9 weeks and just had my ultra sound today and my child looked very human. Had fingers and toes. I could also see the child’s face so please don’t lie to others and yourself and do research.

      2. Actually even at nhst two weeks they look human, maybe not like you and I but that’s just. How they sshould look at that time you don’t tra transform into a human you are always human I think what you’re trying to say is that they don’t look that developed. You are wrong they actually do.

      3. Your wrong. If you want to see that science for your self, its easy , you don’t care right! So get pregnant, go to a abortion clinic around 9-10 weeks, get the abortion pill. Next day insert the three pills in your cervix area, get some sleep, and wait for you to gush. Deliver in tub, so you can see this so called pile of tissue, that so called pile of tissue, has a nice round head, eyes, developing ears, hand, fingers arms, elbows, legs , feet, toes, mouth, I’ve held my 10 wk baby, have you.

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