Abortion at 9 Weeks: Pictures and Facts

Here is a picture of a preborn baby at 9 weeks. This is what will be destroyed in an abortion at 9 weeks.

abortion at 9 weeks
unborn baby at 9 weeks

Before you look at the pictures of abortion at 9 weeks, I want to share something with you. If you are woman considering abortion, and you came to this page wanting to find out more, I wanted talk to you from the heart and share some information with you you might not know.  If you are not a woman seeking an abortion, and/or don’t want to read my message just scroll down to see the pictures.

First I want to tell you a little more about your baby. I’m getting this info from the site Endowment for Human Development, a scientific website affiliated with National Geographic. It has no ties to the prolife movement.

The baby inside you has had a beating heart for 6 weeks now. He or she has brain that is giving off waves.   Your baby responds to touch and will have a startle reaction when he or she is touched with something.  The baby will pull away and react when the abortion instruments come at her. Some scientists believe she can feel the pain of being ripped apart. She can have the hiccups. She is already right or left handed. If she is a girl she has ovaries of her own. With fingers and toes, she is a unique individual who has never existed before in all of history and will never exist again. This is what will die in an abortion at 9 weeks.

Jewels Green worked in an abortion clinic. Her clinic only provided 1st trimester abortions, including abortion at 9 weeks. She held women’s hands, watched women cry as they had their abortions. And in the backroom, she handled the broken pieces of the babies, holding the aborted babys’ feet up to a little chart to verify how far along the pregnancies were for the clinic’s paperwork. Even in the 1st trimester, many of the babies were fully  formed, like the pictures you just saw. She told me that after each abortion, she had to look through the torn apart remains and make sure there were two arms, two legs, one head ,etc. Any parts left behind could cause an infection in the mother.  In a book by pro-choice author Wendy Simonds called Abortion at Work, clinic worker “Risa’ says: 

“I hate it when people put it [the aborted fetus] together to look like a baby. I hate that…

On page 86-87 of the same book, Simonds says all the clinic workers she interviewed told her “they never look at the face” when processing ’tissue’ from abortions.

Right now you may feel frightened, worried and alone. I don’t know your situation, but I know there are places out there that can help you. There are these places called Crisis Pregnancy Centers. These centers exist all over the world. They can help with all kinds of things. The one in my town providers counseling, help finding medical care, a place to live if the woman is homeless, baby clothes, maternity clothes, cribs, diapers, information about applying for benefits if you choose to, job training, help finding a job, and even day care.

Also, most of these places will do an ultrasound. Most abortion clinics will do an ultrasound too, but they will charge you for it. The crisis pregnancy center will do one for free. If you DO decide to have an abortion, and you tell the clinic you have already had an ultrasound to verfiy length of pregnancy, they may say you don’t need another one- and you’ve just saved yourself a hundred dollars. The crisis pregnancy centers. can’t stop you from having an abortion, no one can, abortion is legal. But they can give you information about abortion’s risks and alternatives you may get at the clinic. And all their help is FREE. Whereas an abortion clinic is a business that makes profit and charges for everything it offers. The main reason abortion clinics have for turning away women and sending them home is not health problems, but lack of money. The owner of one abortion clinic said in the Chicago-Sun Times:  (he didn’t realize he was talking to a reporter)

“We have to sell abortions. We have to use all the tactics we can because just like my other businesses [a trucking firm, a pollution control business, and a real estate sales office] we have competition. Now, we have to go by the rules, but rules have to be broken if we are gonna get things done.”

Former abortion clinic worker Nina Whitten says:

“Every single transaction that we did was cash money. We wouldn’t take a check, or even a credit card. If you didn’t have the money, forget it. It was unusual at all for me to take 10,000 to 15,000 a day to the bank – in cash. It’s a lie when they tell you they’re doing it to help women because they’re not. They’re doing it for the money.”

There are MANY more quotes like this here.

Clinics can only stay open if they make money. They even charge for pregnancy tests, often many times more than you would pay buying one at the supermarket. (and its the same test) They don’t make any money if you walk out and have the baby. But crisis pregnancy centers have no financial stake in your decision. They will give you information that the clinic won’t, because they are afraid of losing your business.

I will give you the numbers and contact info for the pregnancy centers if you scroll down.

But first please look at some of the pictures of what will happen to your baby at 9 weeks if she or he is aborted.

abortion at 9 weeks
picture of an abortion that took place in a clinic at nine weeks
picture of an abortion that took place in a clinic at nine weeks
abortion at 9 weeks
picture of an abortion that took place in a clinic at nine weeks
abortion at 9 weeks
picture of an abortion that took place in a clinic at nine weeks
picture of an abortion that took place in a clinic at nine weeks
abortion at 9 weeks
picture of a nine-week-old aborted baby


abortion at 9 weeks
picture of a nine-week-old aborted baby
abortion at 9 weeks
picture of a nine-week-old aborted baby

abortion at 9 weeks

abortion at 9 weeks

abortion at 9 weeks

abortion at 9 weeks

abortion at 9 weeks

abortion at 9 weeks


If you have taken the abortion pill but now regret it it may not be too late to save your baby . Go here immediately  or call 1 877  558 0333

Here are some words from Jewels Green, who I mentioned before:

“Working in the autoclave room was never, ever easy. I saw my lost child in every jar of aborted baby parts. One night after working autoclave my nightmares about dead babies were so gruesome and terrifying and intense I met with the clinic’s director to talk about my feelings. She was very understanding, open and honest, and painfully forthright when she told me, “What we do here is end a life. Pure and simple. There is no disputing this fact.”

And now the crisis pregnancy centers:

Birthright is another excellent organization that helps women considering abortion. They have centers mostly in English speaking countries. They are not affiliated with any religion. I called them once. When I told them I was pro-life, they made a point to tell me they were “not political” They will not try to sway your decision. They have a 24 hour hotline. Please call them at 1-800 550 4900

In the United Sates, Carenet is a Christian group of crisis pregnancy centers. They can help in many ways. Their page has an anonymous chat and they too have a hotline, as well as a directory you can search to find a center near you. Go here. 

And here is an international directory of pregnancy help.

If you have had an abortion and need support, here are some links for you to try.

There are other options for you than abortion. What about adoption? A lot of women feel they can’t “give away” their baby. But adoption is not the same as it used to be. Now there is open adoption, where you can be in touch with the family that raises your child and even be a part of that child’s life. I have a friend who is  therapist, who says that her clients who give babies up for adoption do much better emotionally than those who have abortions- because they know their babies are alive and happy and not dead. Another person I know gave her baby to a couple in Canada. Now she and the family are close and she spends every Christmas with the couple. She had another daughter, who she kept, and the girls are growing up like cousins. She didn’t lose a baby- she gained a family.

Please also know that abortion can cause a lot of heartache to you, the mother. Several huge studies in Finland that took medical records from several countries found that women who abort have a higher rate of needing psychiatric treatment both inpatient and outpatient and the suicide rate for women who abort is 6-7 times that of women who don’t. For teenagers, another study found a 10x higher suicide rate. Here are some studies.

Although women very rarely die of abortions in the first trimester, there are other risks. Having an abortion can create scar tissue on the uterus which can cause tubal pregnancy, a potentially fatal condition where a subsequent baby develops in the Fallopian tube. Also, scarring can cause infertility.  Damage to the cervix, the opening to the womb, (the cervix is meant to open slowly during hours of labor, not wrenched open in seconds by the abortionist) can cause miscarriages, premature births, and stillbirths when it gives away in a future pregnancy.  See studies here. 

Also, there are no less than 58 studies showing a link between abortion and breast cancer. This is because the breasts begin to change in the first days of pregnancy to get ready to produce milk, but don’t finish changing until the third trimester. Aborting before then puts them in an intermediate state, more susceptible, some researchers say, to cancer.

Finally before you go to the abortion clinic, read about what other women’s experiences with abortion were like. Silent No More collects the testimonies of women who had abortions. It has over 2000 stories. if you read what these women are saying, you may get an idea of what abortion is like. Also, if you do have an abortion, Silent No More can tell you where support groups and other resources for post-abortion women can be found. Read what other women are saying.

Below is a picture of anesthesia being injected after dilation of the cervix. The woman’s legs are blurred out. This is a start of an 11 week abortion, but an abortion at 9 weeks starts the same way.

progress4 abortion at 9 weeks

Too see the rest of this procedure, go here. 

And if you just want someone to talk to, feel free to email me sarah5775@gmail.com

Before you make your final choice about abortion at 9 weeks, I want to leave you with these words from a woman who had an abortion. When asked what she would say to other women considering it, she said:

Never killed the child. It will haunt you the rest of your life… Recognize that, if you have the abortion, you’re not only killing your child, you are killing someone’s brother/sister, someone’s cousin, someone’s friend, someone’s grandchild, someone’s mother, someone’s father, someone’s neighbor. Realize that abortion is killing children…”

Jeanne G Miller Lives Interrupted: the Unwanted Pregnancy Dilemma (Tyler, Texas, 2014) 126

 Hopefully you now know what it means to have an abortion at 9 weeks. An abortion at 9 weeks kills a child and scars a mother forever. Whether you are having an abortion at 9 weeks or at 24 weeks, an abortion at one week or an abortion at 9 weeks, a baby is killed. Any abortion at 9 weeks will leave lasting emotional scars.

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65 thoughts on “Abortion at 9 Weeks: Pictures and Facts”

  1. Hi!! I feel like this comment section needs a little experience from a woman who has actually had an abortion (medical not surgical)- about 3 days ago. But I actually passed the fetus yesterday. For all those out there wondering what it is like: I FEEL SO FREE. I am junior in college attending a prestigious school. I am on scholarship but there’s taxed that I had to take out student loans to pay for. My morning sickness was so strong I actually missed class and work! It was horrible. I had to go on 2 weeks before I could have my procedure and the trouble was hardly endurable. I am commenting to invalidate those picture posted of “fetuses”. I passed mine yesterday, I saw it. It was about 9 weeks along. It had a head and limbs but hands are not formed at 9 weeks. My fetus was about the size of a golf ball and had no sac. It limbs were barely formed and its legs still attached to the body. So I’m here to call out those picture as FAKE. I would know because I took picture of mine, it’s kind of interesting.. This may come to a shock to you, but for most women abortions are not some big traumatic experience- they are freedom. Call me selfish. Call me uncareful (even though this was all caused by a condom and a Plan B failure. Did you know in the first 24 hours the effectiveness of the pill starts out at 95% then decreases each day? I didn’t either, that’s not in the dicrections). So, women out there considering those abortions: if you are completely detached and selfish or scared , confused and alone, consider your options. But let’s all be realistic when I say abortion is 100% your choice and you don’t need some right wing, sub or blog writer to deter you away from you personal choices! It is ok. You can do it- whether it’s having the baby or ending the pregnancy- you are not subject to anyone’s judgment. And anyone who wants to judge me for my decisions: you can suck a donkey’s dick until your lips fall off. Sorry to knock anyone down but you are not important enough for your words to have impact:) so don’t waste a minute of your life commenting back even if you are offended by my personal experience because there’s little chance I’ll ever see this again to respond!

    1. Oh, and I don’t really think anyone who hasn’t had an unexpected pregnancy at a very inconvenient time of their life can have an opinion on the matter. You have no experienced the surprise or worry of the unknown. So just sit from your little views points comfortably inexperienced and judge. Come on. I love it. It really amuses me how much an opinion people can have on things they have never come close to experiencing. Ignorance is bliss, whatever you have to do to keep your perfect little conservative opinion sound and safe:)

      1. interesting. Here is a medical illustration of a surgical abortion at 9 weeks, which clearly shows how the fetus is torn apart by the suction during a surgical abortion. http://www.medicalillustration.com/generateexhibit.php?ID=11041&ExhibitKeywordsRaw=&TL=&A=1282
        and according to this medical website, fingers begin to develop by the middle of the 6th week after fertilization, or the 8th week gestation. http://www.ehd.org/dev_article_unit7.php#polygonhands

      2. I will pray for you. I was 15 when I had my first child. He was unexpected. I didn’t have a place to stay, I had a bright college future ahead of me, but I did not let my pregnancy get in my way. My son went with me to college, and I graduated early at the same time my son graduated kindergarten and it was all due to faith and hard work. I hope that next time you don’t allow your surprising circumstances to take over you, as a life is a life given from God, so either way there will ALWAYS be a way out and you will still have a future despite keeping your pregnancy. I graduated with my Bachelors at 22, graduated high school early with my son across the stage, I worked as a Nurse and my son currently goes to a very prestigious private school where I am paying all of this on my own. I did it and so can YOU. There are no excuses. If you work hard, then your circumstances will follow in the direction you were meant to be. God bless.

    2. i think that your comment speaks for itself. I am attaching the story of a personal friend of mine, who bravely chose life after being raped at the age of 15 and kicked out of her house by her mother. Today she is a mother of 2 more little girls and now works as a paralegal. She volunteers to share her story with pro life organizations. Perhaps you would like to share your experiences with her? http://grtl.org/?q=elizabeth-reed
      As far as the accuracy of these images go,here is a medical illustration of a surgical abortion at 9 weeks, which clearly shows how the fetus is torn apart by the suction during a surgical abortion. http://www.medicalillustration.com/generateexhibit.php?ID=11041&ExhibitKeywordsRaw=&TL=&A=1282
      and according to this medical website, fingers begin to develop by the middle of the 6th week after fertilization, or the 8th week gestation. http://www.ehd.org/dev_article_unit7.php#polygonhands

  2. SAD but thank you for sharing. I wish so many women wouldn’t allow selfishness and fear to make this decision. Most women I have known felt some fear or lots if unplanned. Mine was unplanned and I am glad I kept my kids. They are wonderful and are my world.

  3. Please were can i find dix crisis pregnancy centers in Nigeria. I am 9 weeks pregnant and confuse on what to do. My parents are late i dont know if to abort it or leave it.

  4. If you care about humans, please stop putting upsetting images out there that show up for people simply trying to find out info about their pregnancies. I miscarried my last pregnancy and it is sickening that, in the name of “helping” people, you expose us to these images. If you care about hurting people, please stop this. If not, then I think you are operating under the wrong pretenses. Please, please, please stop forcibly exposing people to this

    1. Truth hurts us… but it helps us to see clearly! To hide this holocaust would be to perpetrate it. We have believed the lie that it is a clump of tissue for too long… we must see the truth and KNOW this is sinful… this is wrong…this IS murder of the innocent! :”((

  5. I love this article…I was pregnant 5 times, had one, 3 miscarriages, now I am pregnant again (don’t know what is going to happen) anyways, we all know that heart beaten starts around 4 weeks and at 9 yes there are little feets and hands, However the author of this article never said that all pictures were taken at 9 weeks…All people here that are defending the abortion, are people who already did it, so they need give their excuses, but THERE ARE NO…NO…NO Excuses for kiling a new life. Even if the pregnancy was caused by a raped, still there is other ways to deal with that other than kill.
    Thank you so MUCH SARAH, for writing this, you are courageous and brave…Never be discouraged by this other woman who decided to kill because this or that…In the final of the day they can do whatever they want, but they should not discourage you for being so kind and giving thi kind information and even some information about the help they can get!
    Screw all woman that think they can do whatever they want to jump off of they dutty…To me real woman DO NOT KILL their child.

    1. This has broken my heart. I sadly had a termination (I had the pill instead of the op) and I was 9 weeks pregnant with a child I wanted. I was told I need treatment on cancerous cells on my cervix and that if I went through pregnancy I wouldn’t be able to have that treatment till 3 months after I’d given birth and was told that if I had an abortion I could undergo relatively light treatment with a high success rate but if I waited and continued with the pregnancy then my chances weren’t so great. I went home and cried and after tucking my beautiful boy in bed I realised that my boy needed his mom more than a brother and sister. It ripped me apart especially as I’ve been so against abortion. That was 5 years ago and I can’t forget it and I’m always thinking what if. I accidentally stumbled across this site but the horror of what I’ve done is now so much worse. I do honestly believe people need to see these photos because I’m sure some have no idea that the baby is so formed and not just a clump of cells .

      1. Thank you for this comment. This whole page made me weep and feel selfish for wanting to live and be able to see my girls grow up. Not all women do this because of the typical assumptions. Some women don’t have options. What about those who are blessed with healthy babies and the women who fault their health to have them? What about those women who had to have tubal ligation for health reasons and 4 years down the road that tubal failed? I believe in God and that always seems to be the reason people don’t believe in this? I applaud those of you who were handed a very difficult road and became someone admirable through their journey. I have prayed. I have asked why. I’m married with three gorgeous kids. All girls infact. We’ve always wanted a little boy. This article killed me. This pregnancy will kill me and not healthy for a fetus. Does this mean I’m awful? This is a life I’m taking away. A precious innocent one so I may be able to live my own. I wish people would think about the women out there like me. I was looking for information… I don’t know maybe some miracle of a chance…Instead only horror and more reasons to hate my body. I’m not here to hate, argue.

    2. Christie Nojima, the author made it clear the the pictures are of aborted babies at 9 weeks. The sentence just before the pictures states this fact.

  6. To Screw you and others who think it’s wrong for this information to be posted.. The REALITY is that women will still be having abortions whether we like it or not or even they like it or not. Knowledge is power and the message clearly states that it isn’t the right thing to do. It can never be the right thing as – God and many humans are against taking a life. What about your life why wasn’t it taken? No matter how difficult, try not to abort as you never know what the child may grow up to become. Think before you act! Life is precious and beautiful – let your baby enjoy it.

  7. I found this website very helpful. I’m 9wks preg and abortion has been on my mind ever since I found out I’m expecting my 3rd. After viewing this site,I don’t think I could end the precious life growing so delicately inside my womb.

    thank you,
    A caring mom

  8. Screw you for putting this out there. I have never had an abortion; although, there was a time in my life when I would have and with little regret because it would have been the right decision for me at the time. This is, however, my second pregnancy. My first ended in a miscarriage at 19 weeks. So I have personally experienced the horror of seeing my incompletely developed child in the attendant rush of blood and tears. Now, at 9 weeks pregnant for the second time, stumbling across your gruesome propaganda which popped up as just the second image on a Google search to find out more about my growing, living, wanted baby, when I am still in terror of a second miscarriage, was appalling.

    How dare you shove this in the face of any woman. The decision to terminate a pregnancy is not one I have ever had to make, but it is surely difficult and painful enough without people like you helping to make sure women in that positron feel like subhuman monsters for not being willing to give up their own lives to children they don’t want.

    1. I don’t know what are you doing here…Screw you! You are not the only one who passed through a miscarriage…You are just a selfish person, just think ing in your own botton…Come on! Get out of here..

  9. For those who are thinking about me, whether negatively or positively, just to update you:

    My termination has rudely shaken me out of the relationship I had formed outside my marriage.

    Has shown me that my husband is a much betetr man in every sense of the word that this **** who wanted nothing but depraved physical pleasure and couldn;t even accompany me to the clinic when this happened.

    Has shown me how blessed I am to have two beautiful boys and has made me more committed to looking after them and not spending time with another man that should been reserved for my family.

    I am really sad that a life that would have grown into something as beautiful as my boys, had to be stopped in it’s tracks for all this to happen; however, some part of me believes (or wants to believe) that maybe this was the purpose of this little life? To re-guide it’s mother, who has always been religiously anti-abortion and was a very faithful woman prior to this other man entering my life (there were reasons that made the situation ripe for cheating; like a sexless marriage but no justifications for cheating, a culture where divorce is looked down upon and divorced women especially are socially stigmatized). At the same time, I was so early (the doctor had

    I don’t know that with my age, maybe the baby would not have been born healthy or I may have miscarried anyway; but that’s not something I am taking a lot of comfort in.

    I was careful while with this man (we were using pull out that he assured me was foolproof. I didn’t have much sexual experience prior to this…also, being 41, I had to an extent, started believing what everyone says on the internet about declining fertility. Took the emergency pill and the one time after that that we met, we used pull out again, I was on my fertile days and asked him to wear a condom and he pleaded with me to let him enter for a few minutes without it and he would put it on later and like a wimp, I gave in to please him, hindsight being 20 X 20, I know I should have insisted but pull out had been working for us all this while..except the time before this last when he accidentally came in me and I took the Emergency pill.
    I also feel the ‘responsibility’ for risky sexual behaviour was more his than mine, and at best, it was shared..as per him, it’s not his responsibility at all, why did I ‘let’ him do it without a condom? He has always said things like I don’t know what the women I’ve been with do for contraception…let the girls worry about that….never pro-actively suggested we use condoms and when I did, pressurized me not to. Always bragged that he didn’t like condoms…they weren’t foolproof anyway…nothing else was needed if pull out was being used etc. etc…..he’s got away unscathed from all this (please don’t tell me he’s be affected too, he’s not, trust me…he’s simply relieved it’s all over)

  10. I am in the sad situation of having been a staunch pro-lifer all my life (I am 41) and then now at the age of 41, having to have an abortion as the pregnancy due to intercourse outside marriage. It’s been 2 months and I have known no peace, day or night after the event. I badly want to feel like I did nothing big – I was 5 weeks from my last menstrual period and had a medical abortion at home which felt just like my normal period would be and I certainly did not see anything, tissue or sac etc. The doctor had told me it was really small and not a very healthy pregnancy which she thought might be because I had taken the morning after pill which apparently did not work.

    While I can totally understand how repugnant all my actions leading up to the termination (I’m sorry but I can’t bring myself to use the other word for termination) will seem to most people – and I am more than willing to be chastised for them – I thought of commenting here because I want to share thoughts about something I feel strongly about after having been through all this.

    One thing that we all must realise is; abortions will always sadly happen. Contraceptive failure, bad judgement, temporary lapses of sanity (which is what I probably went through) and a host of other reason; in societies such as rural India (I’m from India btw)..forced sex and women not being allowed to use contraception and also not being allowed to abort with the consent of family members….etc.etc.

    If people who call themselves Pro-Life (this is strange to us in India btw as there are no such groups or nomenclature used), accept this inalienable fact that abortions will always happen, then we can move towards ensuring that the abortions that have to happen, can happen as early as possible, minimizing any pain/suffering and horror that the fetus and the mother (yes, even women who abort feel bad, really, really bad about it) might have to go through. I should think that people who care about the suffering and horror a fetus goes through in an abortion, should want to make early medical abortion really easily accessible to all women who will then just need to take a pill in most cases and bleed like a period; thereby preventing more pictures like the ones shown here. What do you think about this?

    1. If life begins at conception (and over 41 medical textbooks on anatomy, embryology, and other aspects of medicine say it does) http://clinicquotes.com/category/quotes/scientists-speak/ then pro-lifers can’t accept any abortion. A baby’s heart starts beating at three weeks. Before most women even know they are pregnant. It may be tiny, even tiny enough to miss in an abortion by pill or injection, but it has a beating heart. In fact, even calling it “it” is a misnomer- sex is determined at conception so its already a he or she.

      It saddens me that a pro-lifer would choose abortion in a bad situation. I don’t judge you, but I am sorry you felt abortion was your only option.

  11. Some people are so stupid. Baby’s aren’t this formed and unrecognisable as a human, I lost a baby at 9+4, I passed the baby on my bed sheets, they have arms.. And shock horror they have fingers and toes! I know because I saw my own child that passed from my own body. I knew exactly how far I was as I’m high risk and have weekly scans from finding our I’m pregnant.. But they say ignorance is bliss so I guess that’s why some deny the recognisable features of a foetus at this stage…

  12. I believe that a woman should be responsible for her actions.if she dont want to get pregnant she should use contraceptive.baby is a blessing.if u get pregnant god use you as an instrument for his miracle.

    1. Right, use contraceptives…
      Well I hate to tell you that no birth control method is a hundred percent.
      You’re more or less incinuating that no woman should have sex unless she wants to have a baby. Think about your wording, this was very poorly stated.
      A baby is a chemical reaction, pregnancy is all based off of biology. Miracle or not, nearly anyone who has experienced puberty can create another human being.

      1. Sex is for reproducing. Humans are the only ones who have sex for pleasure. If you don’t want to get pregnant, do not have sex.

  13. People who choose abortion will always try to justify their reasons and belittle what they have actually got rid of. Scan pictures of babies at 8-10 weeks show little arms and legs moving around. They are tiny formed humans not justacluster or cells or skinas someone suggested. The reason after abortion they may look like this is due to be ripped or expelled from the womb too early so they literally fall apart on contact with the outside world. Theyre so tiny and fragile of course they dont stay in their original form. Like placing jelly near a radiator it will just dissolve almost. These images are shocking and rightly so as everyone who makes this decision needs the full facts rather than blissful ignorance. This is the truth, these images are what early aborted fetuses look like. If it means anyone is more careful i order to never need an abortion then great. While i appreciate not every abortion is down to irresponsible sexual precautions most are no matter what people say as the rate of abortions is higher than the contraception failure rate

  14. I came to this site because it has very high Google SEO for “abortion at 9 weeks.” From the name of the website “clinicquotes” I did not realize this is very clearly anti-women, anti-choice propaganda.

    I just had an abortion after being told I was at 9 weeks 2 days. I asked to see the pregnancy. Not only did the fetus (it can only just barely be called that, since it’s just after the eight week mark) not have fingers and toes (come on!!) but it did not yet even have hands or feet. Honestly it wasn’t particularly recognizable as human.

    I have no idea where these sick people dig up or create these photos, but this is clearly designed to deceive women into not having abortions. When they have them, they’ll realize how deceitful the pro-“life” movement really is toward women. Very sad.

    1. I 100% agree with you.

      This site was probably designed as lie to lure people in for actual facts, evidence and advice.

      Its such a shame, THIS SITE could steer people toward suicide if they already felt bad enough. Its disgraceful.

      Im pretty sure Jewels Green doesn’t exist or is lying about having one in the first place.

      They probably also think someone who was gang raped by 15 men and fell pregnant (not knowing which one it actually was) should endure the entire pregnancy and either give it up for adoption or keep it. I understand killing another person is wrong but within 12 weeks is acceptable if that baby wouldnt have a decent life.

      Im 34, i had one at 6weeks when i was 24 – i was in an abusive relationship, the child would of endured it too. I have a tattoo as a remembrance. I now have 2 beautiful girls who have great lives because of great parents.

      1. Jewels Green is a personal friend of mine and has written extensively about her abortion and work in the clinic. You can read her writings and contact here here: http://jewelsgreen.com/

        You can see a video of one of her talks here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dq-eMNKakhc

        As for abortions after rape, I suggest you read some of the stories of women who had abortions after rape and regret them or gave birth to their children and are happy they did. http://clinicquotes.com/category/personal-stories/sexual-assault-victims-speak/

        As well as reading about children who were born from rape. Can you really look them in the eye and say they should’ve been killed? http://clinicquotes.com/category/personal-stories/conceived-in-rape-people-speak-out/

      2. Thank you. I am with you.
        I had an abortion at 21 because I was in a very abusive relationship, as well as completing college. Not to mention, I WAS on birth control!
        Now at 33, in a very loving and supportive marriage with numerous resources, I can proudly say that I’m 9 weeks pregnant with our first.
        I think people need to make decisions for themselves.
        Our society has been run too long by supposive religious-based morals and expectations. No wonder that the poverty and crime rates are so high. If people actually thought about their own life circumstances over giving into some religious obligation, I can guarantee many social issues would be solved.
        It’s 2015, not 1692. If a woman has no choice over her reproductive rights, you may as well burn her at the stake if impregnated outside of marriage.

    2. I am not surprised that you want to deny that an unborn baby at 9 weeks is this developed. But all you have to do is look at the site The Endowment for Human Development which is run by the the National Institute of Health and is in no way connected to the pro-life movement. Here at this link you can see a video of a 9 week old unborn baby moving her arms and legs around in the womb http://www.ehd.org/movies.php?mov_id=54 It’s really a very remarkable video, and it demonstrates that this website is telling the truth.

      Either the suction machine in the clinic you went to was turned up so high the baby was completely torn apart, of the abortion clinic deliberately deceived you by showing you only part of the remains. It wouldn’t be the first time.One abortion clinic worker I interviewed said they did that all the time. Did you see them take the remains directly out of the jar with no handling?

      These pictures are factual and the Endowment of Human Development, which is sponsored not by a pro-life group but by National Geographic. confirms it.

    3. Have you ever seen an ultrasound image at 9 weeks? They have hands and feet in the womb.

      I found this web site because I am 9 weeks pregnant and I googled baby size at 9 weeks… Right now, the baby is the size of a grape and has fingers and toes.

      I don’t mean to judge you for your decision, but I am judging you for denying the facts.

  15. All I have to say is, everyone is responsible for their own choices and decisions!!! All the people that are talking so much crap, y’all should’ve been aborted!!! You don’t need to hurt nobody with such cruel words, these ladies are going through enough!!!! Leave these ladies alone, unless you are honestly trying to help!!!!!

  16. This site just gives us all the more reason to support sex education, the morning after pill and readily available and affordable abortions, so that women who wish to have them can have them as early as possible, hopefully before the fetuses have developed little hands and feet and make such heartbreaking pictures. I myself have had two abortions and have had deep misgivings, though I won’t say regrets, about both of them. I also have one lovely daughter and I can definitely say that of my three pregnancies, the result of the third one was infinitely happier than the result of the first two. The second one I had very, very early term, just a few weeks, and they gave me the embryo. It did not have a head or hands or feet and looked just like a little piece of dead skin, about the size of a penny. In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have a reason for women to choose abortion. We may not get there but I think it’s within our grasp to build a world where abortions past 8 weeks are almost never necessary if we concentrate on education, access to birth control, early pregnancy detection and access to early term abortions. Of course, other options can and should always be considered, of course, such as whether there’s a way to make keeping the baby work for the mom, as well as adoption.

  17. I came to this site because I wanted to find out exactly what happens to the fetus during an abortion. I’m 8 weeks 6 days pregnant with my 5th child (6th pregnancy) one miscarriage and 5 live births by c section. I’m scared to have another c section and I’m scared to have an abortion . Although another child isn’t what I want, I also take responsibility for making it. It is murder without a doubt. Raped or not. Makes no difference. I’ve seen my babies heart beat. It’s alive. Fingers or buds it makes no difference. Arguing wither it’s right or wrong is pointless. It’s a choice. I will say this though, my first pregnancy was a miscarriage. It hurt and I cried. I cried for many years. I used to light a candle in the month that baby would have been born. It was very heart breaking. I have had 4 daughters since then. And although I looked up this page because I wanted to be informed of options, I could never bring myself to murder my own child. Especially after having 4. And Ide like to add that everyone that I personally know that has had an abortion has regretted it and has told me to never have one. That’s all, thanks have a nice day.

  18. I am 9 weeks pregnant and yes came across this site just googling “9 weeks.” I have handled dead baby body parts, little hands, little toes, but I am able to keep my opinions to myself and not try to sway the womens opinion about abortion. Sure they cry and lose a child, but for them it isn’t the right choice. This should be a more informative site not a guilt trip about murdering babies. Did you know all of these womens exact stories? What about the 15 year old girl that gets raped every day of her childhood by her father and winds up pregnant? Do you think she really wasn’t raped and should have an inbred child when she is still on herself? I just think all the facts should be gathered before you all go accusing women of murder. You have no idea what their life is like, what’s behind the cries, or what their future holds with or without another life.

  19. Murders they won’t see the door or light of heaven,I’ll render suffer with my own kid but god is always there,always has a plan just like he planed for me to have this child.Everything we do it been planed.a child grows like a seed it may look hard but if you try you’ll succeed just like at school you try it you succeed .

  20. Why should these pictures sway a woman’s descision? They shouldn’t. A woman can choose. These pictures are trying to make women feel bad about abortion which is just inappropriate and immature. And just because someone you know had an abortion and they feel bad about it now shouldn’t be a factor in another woman’s choice making either. It’s a massive decision and everyone’s situation is different. These actually really disturbing photos, it looks like you have a collection of cut up babies. I’m pregnant right now and happy about it, it was planned and I’m definitely keeping it. I stumbled across this website after searching for “9 weeks pregnant”. I believe that women have the right to choose however.

    1. We live in a country where abortion is legal, so yes, women have the right to choose. But they also have the right to know exactly what it is they are choosing. I know that if I were considering abortion, I would want to see these pictures first. I would want as much information as I could to make my decision. It might be true that it would be harder to abort after seeing them, but i would rather see them before I got the abortion than stumble upon them after. That is just my opinion.

      1. Amen!

        Ann- It’s “immature” and “inappropriate” to make someone feel bad about paying a group of people to mangle and kill their unborn child? Well, ok…
        And FTR, I’m also pregnant and stumbled upon these when searching for nine weeks pregnant pictures on Google. I’ve always been very pro-life, and this only concretes that for me. How you can say that it’s inappropriate to make someone feel bad for “choosing” what we all saw in the pictures above is *beyond* me.

  21. These pictures are completely inaccurate. At 9 weeks, a fetus is simply not this developed and that has been medical proven. At this point in gestation, the fetus has arm and leg “buds”, it does not have hands and feet as shown. These pictures are meant for shock value. If you are considering abortion, do not be deterred by false facts and religious bigots who have no interest in your well-being. It is a hard decision, but it is ultimately yours and it does NOT make you a bad person. Abortion itself is very SAFE. In fact, it is MUCH safer than vaginal birth or a C-section. In addition, the SAME procedure used for abortions is used for women who have natural miscarriages. This is simply one of the safest, quickest, painless procedures and is the most common medical treatment preformed in the United States. There is NO proof that you are more likely to have complications with future pregnancy’s or births. This is a straight out lie. In fact, if you don’t tell anyone they will NEVER even know you had the abortion. I had an abortion at 9 weeks while it was very emotional, I do not regret it. I do not lose sleep over it and I had ZERO complications. The procedure itself took less than 5 minutes and was painless. I went on to have a very healthy child and I am pregnant with my second. If you are facing an abortion, there is hope and there is help. You are not alone and you are not a murder. You are human. Take the time you need to make the choice that is right for you. Do not be swayed by fake stories or shocking pictures from pro-life people who want to use hate and fear to force an unwanted pregnancy. You will be ok.

    1. I am not surprised that you want to deny that an unborn baby at 9 weeks is this developed. But all you have to do is look at the site The Endowment for Human Development which is run by the the National Institute of Health and is in no way connected to the pro-life movement. Here at this link you can see a video of a 9 week old unborn baby moving her arms and legs around in the womb http://www.ehd.org/movies.php?mov_id=54 It’s really a very remarkable video, and it demonstrates that this website is telling the truth.

      There are numerous studies that show a correlation between abortion and premature birth, ectopic pregnancies, and miscarriages, they have been published in reputable journals. You can read about some of these studies, with citations, here. http://clinicquotes.com/physical-risks-of-abortion/

      As for complications, the truth is, no one really knows how safe abortion is, because there is no legal requirement for doctors to report abortion injuries. All statistics on abortion are compiled by asking abortion providers, who can choose to answer the cdc’s queries or not. It’s all voluntary. This website documents cases where women have died from abortions, and some of these women were never even recorded as deaths in the abortion statistics, because coroners may put “infection” as the cause of death instead of “infection after abortion.” abortion may be far more dangerous than the commonly quoted statistics show. http://clinicquotes.com/category/legal-abortion-deaths/

    2. Kacee, I am a physician and I am a mother. I have studied fetal development for my profession from images from the anatomy books when I have not heard of abortion or pro-choice/pro-life or when the internet was not even in every home. I have seen the actual week by week bodies of babies from miscarriages donated to the medical school. A nine week fetus HAS discernible hands and feet. A six week fetus has limb buds. These images are not for shock factor. These images simply tell the viewers what a 9 week aborted fetus looks like. I will not proselytise to you. Believe what you want to believe. Make your choices but please DO NOT spread your ignorance or false “knowledge” to anyone.

      1. Thank you Dr. Quincy for dispelling ignorance. People often want so desperately to believe things which put them (and their choices) in better light. I appreciate your correction of someone’s foolishness before it spreads farther.

      2. Thank you for clarifying. One of my dear friends had an abortion and several years later in college she started looking through my medical biology book. When she came across a picture of a fetus at the age of her abortion she started crying and saying liar, liar! I came over and asked her what was wrong. She told me that the abortion clinic had lied to her and showed her a picture that did not look like that. She has regretted it ever since.

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