A Judge Speaks about abortion

In one of the partial birth abortion ban trials, Judge Arnold, who opposed any kind of ban on abortion, explained how a common D & E procedure was similar to a D &X (or partial birth) procedure.

“In a D&E procedure, the physician inserts forceps into the uterus, grasps a part of the fetus, commonly an arm or a leg, and draws that part out of the uterus into the vagina. Using the traction created between the mouth of the cervix and the pull of the forceps, the physician dismembers the fetal part which has been brought into the vagina, and removes it from the woman’s body. The rest of the fetus remains in the uterus while dismemberment occurs, and is often still living…”

Richard Smith “Candor and the Court: The Supreme Court will confront as never before the violent nature of mid-and late-term abortion”  America April 1, 2000

19 weeks. Candidate for this type of abortion

Read more about the D & E procedure, from a former abortionist.

See pictures of a D & E procedure. 

See remains of a babies aborted by D & E at 21 weeks


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