Babies born alive at Midtown hospital, CNN ignores the story

Pro-lifer Nancy Creger Tells the following story. She was doing research for Georgia State Senator Joe Burton on a pro-life bill at Vital Records.

“As I was writing down the names of clinics, the Vital Records director looked at me and said:

“They are having live births at Midtown Hospital.”

Midtown, I learned, specialized in late-term abortions, and advertised in newspapers up and down the East Coast. I asked her how she knew this, and she said she got the death certificates. She explained that birth records were confidential, but death records were public information. We put in a request for a computer search to be done of all births at Midtown. Since Midtown was an all-abortion hospital specializing in late-term, we knew that there should not be any live births reported. However, since birth records were confidential, the Vital Records specialist had to do a computer search of all of the death certificates and compare them with the birth records – a computer match. These guys were anxious to get this information out. I was the perfect vehicle.

They photocopied the death certificates and greatly enlarged them, put them in an envelope and gave them to me.

I took them home, spread them out on my bedroom floor, and cried.

Then I called Ted Turner’s CNN. I knew that this was a huge scandal, and that CNN would give it national coverage. The reporter for CNN was young, and this story was hot. She met with me and I gave her all of my documents – the death certificates – everything. In those days I was very naive, just beginning my long career in investigative journalism. She had the camera team reserved for the day and they were scheduled to start filming at Midtown. Later she informed me that the story had been cancelled. It took many, many phone calls to CNN to get my documents returned to me. Someone at CNN wanted the story buried, just like today with the abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell story of the massacre of babies at his clinic. I never met her again, and my stuff was left at the guard shack at CNN.”


Death certificates revealed that in 1980 10 babies survived abortions at Midtown, in 1981 three survived and as of October 1982 one had survived.

One baby lived for 13 hours and five minutes, the longest time; one died in 20 minutes. In addition to the 13-hour survivor, seven others lived for more than an hour, ranging from one hour and 45 minutes to six hours and 20 minutes. Death certificates gave no indication any of the 14 were transported to the neonatal unit at Grady Hospital or any other facility specializing in the care of premature babies. Midtown Hospital asserted that transporting a surviving baby to a hospital was the attending physician’s decision to make.

Nine of the 14 death certificates listed “hospital disposal” or “Midtown Hospital” under the category of “cemetery or crematory name.”

Nancy CregerGosnell is Not New: Babies Were Born Alive After Abortions in 1983” 5/5/13

This is far from an isolated incident. Read more cases of babies born alive after abortions, and denied medical care, here. Hear the testimony of a woman who was born alive after an abortion and survived..

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