Photographs of miscarried babies show the humanity of the unborn

Women who suffer miscarriages often suffer in silence. Society does not always recognize the grief that a woman, and often her partner,  feel. Here are some organizations that help give support to the families of miscarried children.

As you look at these remarkable pictures of babies who were miscarried, keep in mind that all of these babies could’ve been legally aborted in the United States and in most other countries.

This baby was miscarried at just 6 weeks
This baby was miscarried at just 6 weeks
Another baby miscarried at 6 weeks
Another baby miscarried at 6 weeks



Another baby miscarried at 12 weeks
Another baby miscarried at 12 weeks
The parents of this miscarried baby named him Philip
The parents of this miscarried baby named him Philip
Another picture of Philip
Another picture of Philip
Miscarried at 19 weeks
Miscarried at 19 weeks

19 weeks a


This baby was miscarried at 20 weeks
This baby was stillborn at 20 weeks

Keep in mind that all of these babies could be legally aborted. In an abortion, they would’ve been ripped apart violently by the suction machine (in the first trimester) or torn apart by forceps or poisoned in utero (in the 2nd trimester)

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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

41 thoughts on “Photographs of miscarried babies show the humanity of the unborn”

  1. I didnt know I was pregnant when I had my miscarriage. I had to go through it alone and I was scared. I have so much pain. I was so upset at the world why me. When I saw my baby I cried and cried. I left the hospital with so much pain in my heart and lots of tears. No one in my family knew. I kept it to myself. The doctor said that my baby was probably a girl. I named her Estrella so at night when I look up to the stars I will be thinking of her.

  2. This is my first miscarriage. So much pain so many different feelings. My baby was about 12 weeks. The doctor thinks that she could of been a baby girl so I named her Estrella. So when i look up into the stars at night I will be remembering her.

  3. I posted this to my page in 2014 because my daughter was born early but she is perfectly fine. I didn’t realize at the time that I was going to go through having a stillborn child. I lost my second daughter last year when I was 25 weeks because of blood pressure problems. I never knew at the time I saw this that I would have to go through something like this.

  4. I had a miscarriage in the hospital three hours after learning I was pregnant at the age of 17. I experienced it all alone. I was told to let the “contents” drop into this little cup they gave me. When it happened….I was still in shock that I was even pregnant. I couldn’t bring myself to look at my baby in that “cup.”
    Then at the age of 35 I was at work and stated to bleed really bad…felt something “coming”. I went to the bathroom and “passed” my last baby. I did look at him/her….I saw little eyes….little mouth…..I placed him/her in a towel….then into a plastic baggie…..I was confused….scared…..all of the above…..I left work and went to my moms house and told her I had to bury something special back in her yard….where I had buried all of my special animals….don’t hate me for doing that. I buried my last child along side of my best friend…my Bull dog….I felt that he could protect my child…..I have never wrote or told anyone of this before now….I guess it was time to.

  5. At 17 weeks I was devastated to learn that my much-wanted baby had alobar holoprocencephaly. Medical advice was to terminate and i did. I got to hold him, take pictures and say goodbye – the saddest time of my life. He looked just like the babies in these pictures. But much as I loved him, continuing with the pregnancy would have been pointless and probably dangerous as death in utero at some point was inevitable. I think my case is an example of why abortion needs to be available, even late in pregnancy. I am pro life and pro- abortion – it’s just that sometimes you can’t choose life even if you wanted to.

  6. Dear Sarah,
    I found your interesting website right now, and I’m typing while crying. I had an abortion in 6 week, about 6 months ago. It disappointed me completely. Now I’m pregnant,but too worry and no emotion!!! pray for me!!!

  7. I’m 17 and I lost my baby 4 months and 12 days ago in the bathroom stall in the middle of the school day. It was utterly heartbreaking and I still find myself crying over it. I had names picked out and everything. I was about 10, almost 11 weeks along. These pictures break my heart, but also help it heal.

  8. Just two days ago I had a miscarriage I was 3 months this is a horrible thing to go through I have so many emotional in me right now I feel lonely I feel like I did something wrong …

  9. I have had 3 miscarriages my oldest would have turned 16 yesterday & he looked a lot like these babies developmentally wise he was developed he had his fingers & toes & lips were gaped open a little bit like he was trying to take a breath they pucked him up eitb a pair of grips & tossrd him in a bucket the 1st & last time i seen him was his faced pressed up against the side of a bucket very devestating I mean I never got to hold him or get pics I wanted too but I was 15 & my mom was against the pregnancy but also against against abortion so she was happy when I lost him I was devastated still am & it makes it worse not even having a pic of him I was hoping I could write the pathology report people & maybe they had tooken some b4 they cut him open but I had no response to my letter I would really like to have at least one picture of him

  10. I nearly died of miscarriage as unborn baby at 12 weeks, but I survived to write this. These very sad, but beautiful pictures make me realise why I’m Pro-Life and why I want to protect unborn from abortion.

    I took silent minute to mourn them. These babies are gorgeous.

  11. Thank you for these pictures, I never experienced a miscarriage, though I know a few women who did, very sad. I just wanted to say that with our present President, we are all headed in the wrong direction as far as abortion is concerned. He is so pro abortion as are all the democrats and liberals. I still remember his speech “If one of my daughters made a mistake” in other words, he considers babies a mistake. I consider him our worst mistake ever. God bless all the mothers and pray to St. Gerard for healthy babies and full term pregnancies.

  12. I was raped just before my 16th birthday and miscarried three weeks later. Even despite how I concieved, I always knew I wanted to be a mom. I would have taken care of my child. It was the worst experience of my life.

  13. We have had 4 miscarriages. Three of them were very early, about 8 weeks. Kerrigan however was closer to 5 months. I had seen her heartbeat and watched her on an ultrasound. I am so thankful for these pictures, as I was never able to see any of my babies. I can look at these and have an idea what my own children looked like.

    Thank you.

    ps. I have four children now, one older than all the lost babies and three younger than all of them. I am blessed.

  14. I found out at 20 weeks that my son had passed in the womb at 18.5 weeks. I was then induced to have him so that my body would not go in to shock. That was the most horrific experience I have ever had. I had never had any issues with my previous children so when I found out about him I was in complete and utter shock. How anyone could actually do that to a baby on purpose is just beyond my comprehension. In no way is it the baby’s fault that he/she was conceived and should not be punished for it in anyway. My son would be 5 this coming August.

  15. I had a miscarriage at 13 weeks, probably the worse thing I have ever been through. I lost the baby (Jamie) may 3rd 1994, it was 20 years this year and it really hit me hard, every year was hard but this year I made a stone for Jamie and put it in our backyard with flowers, it felt like a bit of closure, the following year we had our son Corey who just turned 19, he is our blessing cause we were never able to conceive again, went through treatments for couple years but really took a toll on me emotionally, I thank God we were able to have our son but always wonder why we lost a baby and were never able to have any more. Thank God I have a wonderful husband who has been through me during this time in our life.

  16. It’s a terrible thing to experience. I found out this past Christians i was 17, almost 18 weeks pregnant. And i was having a miscarriage, had the baby on December 30 th. It would of been a boy, actually due sometime this month.

  17. This really tugs at my heart I’ve had 3 miscarriages and no one fully understands the pain and heartbreak this causes. My first miscarriage I was told it wasn’t even a baby yet because I misscarried at 6 weeks. No matter how far along someone is in their pregnancy a baby Is a baby. My second I was 7 weeks and my third I was 10 and 5 days. I’m glad to have read this article because there Is finaly proof that abortion is wrong and is ending an innocent life.

    1. I am so sorry for your loss. Yes, it is a loss and it is a death and I am so sorry that you lost your three children. May they rest in peace.

  18. I pondered abortion 23 years ago when I was pregnant with my first. I was young, and freaking out, absolutely terrified. I thank God that He spoke to me and held me through my fear, I can’t imagine life without my beautiful daughter (and the following 2 daughters and a son), and the amazing experience of being a grandmother now. Looking through these pictures is difficult, my heart aches for the parents. I pray for strength and courage for them, and trust that the wee ones are safe in God’s loving hands.

  19. That’s horrible to see and I’m 17 weeks as of today. I believe that everything has the right to live no matter how small and gentle. Abortions are wrong and they should be illegal. Miscarriages are add well. I wish there was no such thing. I’m sorry for the ones who had to go through something like that. I pray that I have a healthy full term pregnancy and the same to anyone else that is expecting.

  20. I am almost 20 weeks and this is still my biggest fear. My family found out was it is yesterday and I don’t think I could bare this happening to my child. Those who kill their children throughout the pregnancy say it’s not a human or give some other excuse, but here is proof to them that no matter how small it is the baby is still human and still deserves a life.


    1. at 26 weeks your baby would be considered a stillbirth (not that it is any less painful to have a miscarriage). Bless you as you honor your baby to this day. Babies born prior to 20 weeks are termed miscarried, while after twenty week they are termed stillborn. Any loss is painful and is not worse or better, just different.

    2. I too miscarried at 6 1/2 months and the baby lived for 4 days and the second miscarried at 6 months gestation and lived for 4 hours! I think of my 2 tiny babies everyday and the hurt never goes away!

  22. They are people and have rights the same as we do , abortion will end I don’t know when but it’s coming .

  23. This is hard to look at but it is for a great cause to save precious babies from abortion never give up the fight to wipe out abortion.

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