Ximenia Renearts

Sometimes abortions fail. Abortionists can make mistakes. Sometimes a pregnancy is further along than they think. For whatever reason, sometimes a baby survives an abortion attempt and is born alive.

Ximenia Renearts is an example of a child who survived an abortion attempt but was left with crippling disabilities. On December 12, 1988, 22-year-old Nadine Bourne had an abortion at a Planned Parenthood facility in Bellingham, Washington. The doctor who did her abortion told her that she was between 14 and 16 weeks pregnant. . Four days later, she went to the hospital.  She was suffering from complications including fever and racing heartbeat. She was admitted to the hospital.

The next day, to the surprise of the doctors, Nadine gave birth to a baby girl while sitting on a toilet. Her pregnancy had been far more advanced than 16 weeks. The little girl weighed 3 pounds, large enough to be in the third trimester. Exactly how far along Nadine was when she had her abortion will never be known for sure. What is known for sure is that the baby was not killed in the abortion, and was instead born alive.

The nurse on duty when the baby was born, Vera Wood, did not call a resuscitation team or attempt to treat the infant. Even though the child was whimpering and gasping, the nurse decided to leave the baby alone in a room where dead fetuses were stored after abortions. The baby lay alone in a bedpan for 40 minutes. All this would later come out in court after an attorney representing the child and her adoptive family sued the hospital.

After 40 minutes the nurse called the night nursing supervisor, who finally provided warmth and oxygen to the baby. However, the 40 minutes the child was left cold and gasping for air permanently damaged the baby’s brain. She became severely mentally handicapped and suffered brain damage including cerebral palsy.

The baby was named Ximenia Renearts and adopted. Unfortunately, she’s a quadriplegic and her brain has developed only to the point of the three-year-olds. Had she been treated properly and given medical care, there is a good chance she may have been normal. There have been two investigations of the case, but no charges were ever filed against the nurses on duty or the hospital. Many people attribute this to pro-abortion bias in the court system, and the belief that many pro-choice members of law enforcement and the judiciary would rather the case just go away then receive national attention.

Ximenia’s family filed a lawsuit against the hospital and settled out of court for $8 million. This money was used to build a handicap accessible home for the child to live in and to care for her through adulthood.



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