Women with health problems are having babies safely

Geneticist Sir Alfred William Liley says the following:

Now we have the paradoxical situation that women with the strangest conditions and most serious disorders that you can imagine are having babies – this is the safety of modern obstetrics. … We have women who have never been out of a wheelchair in their lives with their spinal deformities, their spina bifida; women who have heart-valve transplants, or have … steel ball valves –replacing normal heart valves; women who have artificial kidneys; women who have a transplanted kidney, women who have all manner of strange disorders, are having babies to fulfil themselves, and this is … the safety of modern obstetrics. And yet, other women, with little or nothing wrong with them are requesting abortion, a therapeutic abortion … because their child represents an inconvenience or nuisance.

Borowski v. The Attorney General of Canada, Transcript of Evidence and Proceedings at Trial, pages 221-222, Regina, Saskatchewan, May, 1983.

A “therapeutic abortion” is an abortion undertaken because of a health risk to the mother. Many times before the legalization of abortion, doctors used health risks as an excuse for doing an abortion on a woman who did not want her baby. Liley points out that there are very few conditions under which pregnancy is so dangerous for a woman that she must have an abortion.

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