Women have abortions due to “good nurturance” says pro-choicer

Pro-choice activist Ruth Cowan

“… Once left free to decide, most women decide to abort for reasons that have to do with their sense of good nurturance: for example, when they feel either that this is not a time when they can nurture a child properly or this is not the fetus that will grow into a child whom they can nurture properly.”

Ruth Schwartz Cowan “Genetic Technology and Reproductive Choice: an Ethics for Autonomy” in Daniel J Kevles, and Leroy Hood, eds. Social Issues in the Human Genome Project (Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 1992) 262

9-10 weeks in the womb

9-10 weeks in the womb

Aborted at 10 weeks

Aborted at 10 weeks

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