Women Are “Very Good” At Blaming Others, Says Clinic Worker

Abortion clinic worker Martha Mueller (she works at a Planned Parenthood facility in Brooklyn):

“Some think that the legalization of abortion has opened a Pandora’s Box of faulty decision making. When abortion was illegal, here was a common enemy in the form of the law. Now that abortion is primarily a matter of choice, the decision rests entirely on the shoulders of the woman, a decision many would rather not have to make. Some blame their husbands or boyfriends for “forcing” them to have the abortion. Others point their anger at parents, who have insisted on the abortion or who, the patients maintain, would be furious if they found out their daughter was pregnant. “He did it to me” is a phrase heard often in the clinic or hospital corridors when the doctor walks by. That’s moving the responsibility. Women are very good at that.”

Emphasis mine.

So we see that women must bear the brunt of their ‘decision’ even if they have been coerced by others.

From the book “Rachel Weeping and Other Essays About Abortion” Ed. by James Tunstead Burtchaell (Life Cycle Books June 1991) p 14

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