Woman’s view of her baby changes with ultrasound

A woman who had an unexpected pregnancy and had tentatively decided to carry to term, but still was unsure, had her whole mindset changed by seeing her baby on the ultrasound.

“Unfortunately, she says, her maternal instincts did not respond to reason: when a young friend placed her baby in her arms, she found herself looking with distaste into “a little scrunched face inspiring no tenderness, only intense tedium at the thought of tending him. What was I going to do with a baby I couldn’t return to his mother?” She arranged to have an amniocentesis… though she was not sure – despite her reservations – what it would cost her emotionally to have an abortion if something went wrong. When told she had as much chance of having a miscarriage from the amniocentesis as she did, at her age, of having a Down syndrome child, she hoped for the miscarriage: “That is until, lying on the table where the procedure was to take place, I saw the ultrasound scan on a television monitor above me reveal the perfectly shaped head of the child I carried. I wanted that baby!”

Faith Abbott “A Tale of Two Women” Human Life Review Spring 1993

3d ultrasound
3d ultrasound
3d ultrasound in first trimester
3d ultrasound in first trimester
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