Woman Who Aborted: the Choice Was Not Mine

“There were plans racing through my mind of where we would live, what we would name it, what it would look like… But, on his father’s advice of “it’ll ruin your life” [my boyfriend] opted for an abortion. I was in shock, so I went along with him when he said that there was no way I could have it alone and that I’d be kicked out of the family.

Reality set in, and the choice was not mine. That’s the heartache – the choice was not mine – it was his, my family’s, society’s. It was his choice because he would’ve been the only financial support. It was my family’s because of the rejection of me and the unborn. And it was society’s because of the poverty cycle I would enter as a teenage mother.”

F LaGard Smith, When Choice Becomes God (Eugene, Oregon: Harvest House Publishers, 1990) 192 – 193

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