Woman says her baby was “a person I thought I knew” but aborted anyway

Joanna Kaufmann wrote about the child she aborted who would’ve been disabled:

“It was already kicking inside me and was a person I felt I knew. But the disabilities which we were warned about left no doubt that we did not want to bring this person into the world…

We could have coped with some of the physical handicaps like a cleft palate, dropped jawline and the fact that the baby would be floppy and not able to crawl or walk.

There were other indications though of disabilities connected with the liver, heart and kidneys which meant the child would suffer greatly.… We felt we must take responsibility for our actions and not let somebody else do it for us. What we had to ask ourselves was could we cope? We had 2 other children under 5 so it was a difficult decision.”

Sunday Express, November 12, 1989

quoted in: Jenny Bryan Abortion (East Sussex, England: Wayland Publishers Limited, 1991) 32

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