Woman says abortionist was “degrading”

From an interview with one woman who had an abortion:

“I was lying back, so when the doctor came in I never saw him.” I asked Susan if she saw the doctor at all during the procedure. “No. In fact, he really didn’t talk to me. The counselor was the one talking.” I was shocked to think that the doctor had apparently not introduced himself. “He didn’t introduce himself?” I asked. “No. Actually, what I distinctly remember the best is that as soon as the procedure was over, it was, like, he couldn’t wait to get to the door. Maybe he didn’t want me to see the contents, so maybe that was out of consideration. I never saw him again or anything. It seemed a little bit odd to me. You know, it felt a bit degrading. Like I wasn’t worth talking to, or he had better things to do. I think, for a while I kind of rationalized that, well, maybe, he just had a lot of work and other people to perform on. But, in the end, it left me feeling that much worse.”

Cara J. Marianna Abortion: A Collective Story (Westport, CT: Praeger, 2002) 35-36

Even though pro-abortion activists refer to abortion as a decision made by “a woman and her doctor”, often the abortionist sees the woman for the first time on the abortion table and then never again.

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Author: TA Smith

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