Tummy Tuck was her reason for late term abortion

Operation Rescue published stories by sidewalk counselors about women who went into the late Dr. Tiller’s clinic to have late–term abortions. One pregnant woman had an abortion because she wanted a tummy tuck:

“One such story was about a healthy woman, with whom sidewalk counselors had spoken, who came to Tiller’s to abort a healthy baby so as not to ruin her “tummy tuck.” That woman went through with her abortion in Wichita despite having no risk of suffering a “substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function” [which was the given criteria for a late term abortion in Kansas]. Women were getting late-term abortions of viable babies on a regular basis for appallingly frivolous reasons. Tiller and his staff were thumbing their noses at Kansas law.”

Troy Newman and Cheryl Sullenger Abortion Free (New York: WND Books, 2014) 97

Pre-born baby – 24 weeks
Pre-born baby – 24 weeks

See what late term abortion looks like. 

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