Woman has abortion at 4 months

From a woman who had an abortion at 18:

“So, I called them [the clinic], and they told me what to do to prepare myself. I didn’t even know what abortion really was. So I went up there the next day – it all happened really fast – and the woman at the reception desk asked me the reason for terminating the baby. I said that “I would like to keep it, but I can’t.” She said, “Well then, you don’t want to, do you?” I said, “No, I want it; but I can’t keep it.” I had no support from anybody at that time. She wrote down anyway that I didn’t want the fetus. That hurt me really bad at the time, because I did want my baby.

She didn’t mention any alternatives whatsoever. In fact, everybody I talked to was very rude to me. It seemed like they were all angry. I went to this other room for counseling, or what they called counseling, but it wasn’t really. Their counseling was to tell us about what they were going to do. Then they showed us pictures of ways to prevent birth next time. They wanted me to get an IUD; they said that was the best thing to get. So they sold me an IUD, and they put it in me after the abortion.

Four-month unborn baby

The doctor told me I was almost 4 months along. I asked the doctor, “Is the baby alive?” He said “No.” I never had prior instruction in school as to the development of a baby, so I didn’t know any better. All I had to go on was what he told me; and that’s all he said.”

David C Reardon Aborted Women: Silent No More (Westchester, Illinois: Crossway books, 1987) 147 – 148

See pictures of a 4 month baby after he or she has been aborted

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  1. jouna says:

    what can u do to abort baby ?

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