Woman Describes RU-486 Abortion

In an article in the Boston Phoenix, a woman describes an abortion at six weeks. She describes what it was like after taking RU-486, the abortion pill:

“Back at the dorm, hours later, I know that I writhed in my twin bed, suffering from debilitating, convulsing cramps. My roommates, best friend, and boyfriend hovered around; they brought me pain killers, Tiger Balm, hot-water bottles, and applesauce, and all the while they stroked my head and conferenced in the background about how I was doing. I bled profusely as my body rejected the fetus that had been described to me as “the size of a grain of rice.” I threw up. And finally, I fell asleep.”

Anonymous “I Had an Abortion” The Boston Phoenix Sept 24, 2008

Her six-week-old embryo may have been described as a “grain of rice”, but this is what he or she really looked like. At six weeks, the baby has a heartbeat and brain waves as well as the beginning of fingers and toes.

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Author: TA Smith

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