Woman describes “post-natal depression” after abortion

Elizabeth Zimmer, had an illegal abortion in 1966:

“After you have an abortion, you have a certain amount of post-natal depression – hormonal changes that trigger psychological changes. A combination of those changes and too many marijuana brownies at a party [a few weeks later] sent me over the edge. I went nuts. I was hideously depressed. The whole enterprise wound up eating a year of my life until I was back to a functional self again, back to work and back to school.”

Jennifer Gonnerman “Women Speak Out: Ten New Yorkers Tell of Abortions Before and After Roe” The Village Voice January 27, 1998; 43

This woman blames hormonal changes and a single instance of ingesting marijuana for a year-long depression after her abortion. It’s unlikely that minor hormonal changes and a reaction to marijuana would cause someone to be so depressed that they’d lose a whole year.

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Author: Sarah

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