Woman calls her baby a “cluster of cells”

From a woman who had an abortion at nine weeks:

“My cervix will be dilated and the doctor will scrape my uterus and scoop the cluster of cells. I mostly convince myself that there is just tissue lining my uterus.”


“I am lighter, unburdened, triumphant. I want to know the sex. Another girl? I don’t believe the doctor when she says that the sex cannot be determined so early in the pregnancy.

I catch myself thinking that I would have named the baby for my father and I cry for the first time that day.”

Judy Bolton-Fasman “The AbortionThe Manifest-Station July 14, 2014

The baby she calls “a cluster of cells” and “tissue lining the uterus” at nine weeks looks like this:


This is part of what’s left behind after abortion at this stage:



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