“Unscrupulous and Shoddy” Conditions Are Prevalent in Abortion Clinics Even after Roe Versus Wade

The Chicago Women’s Liberation Union, a feminist group, discussed the terrible conditions in abortion clinics in Chicago and throughout the country. This quote comes from around 1976, several years after abortion was made legal in all states. The truth is, Roe Vs Wade did not end back alley abortions, it legalized them. Many of the same practitioners who were doing illegal abortions simply set up shop and did legal ones.  They continued to kill and maim women.

According to this feminist health group:

“Even legal abortion clinics across the country continue to victimize women, financially as well as medically. In 1973, HERS. was instrumental in closing down a shoddy Michigan Avenue clinic, but we know that unscrupulous and shoddy practices are the norm, and not the exception on Chicago abortion clinics. Public hearings were held just last month on the atrocities committed by one such Chicago clinic which was being sued by three victims of botched abortions, one of whom died of complications due to her abortion.”

“Crimes Against Women: there is something seriously wrong with me mom,” Janet M., Kathy Mallin, Lauren Crawford & Sharon M. (circa 1976)

Deaths and injuries from abortions continue to occur as most abortion clinics are not inspected and not required to be licensed. Pro-choice groups like Planned Parenthood rigorously fight against regulations that would make abortion safer. 

Read about the bad conditions in some abortion clinics here.

Read about some women who died from legal abortions here.

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Author: TA Smith

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