The Story of Baby Tia

babytia20wkIn a 1992 handout, author Jed White of Operation Rescue National told the story of baby Tia, a little girl who was aborted in the fifth month of pregnancy. Because she had been a victim of an abortion by induced labor, Tia’s little body was intact and unmarred. (See left) A pathologist was given Tia’s body to dispose of by the abortionist who killed her. However, struck with sympathy, the pathologist gave Tia to pro–lifer Rev. Robert Schenck of Buffalo, NY, for proper burial. A mortician offered his services and cared for Tia’s body, but Rev. Schneck was unable to bury the little girl because cemeteries all required a death certificate, and Tia’s life and death were never acknowledged.

While technically New York State at the time required a death certificate to be filled out for each abortion, these laws were not always followed. Tia’s mother most likely paid cash and the records were never made.

This all took place during the time when Operation Rescue was staging large demonstrations outside abortion clinics, and squaring off against vocal, often violent pro-choicers. Rev. Schneck and his brother took Tia to a demonstration in Buffalo, New York and displayed her to the crowd.

Rev. Schneck, who was holding Tia, was attacked by a violent proabortion demonstrator who grabbed Tia and threw her to the ground. The Schneck brothers were then arrested by police at the scene.

When asked what the charges were, the arresting officer said “I don’t know.” Within the next several weeks, charges were amended several times and then dropped. The Schnecks were released.

An Erie County medical examiner had seized Tia’s battered body and refused to give her back to the pro-lifers. In his autopsy report, he pronounced her “a human body” and “a stillborn.” However, he refused to state the cause of death, and never ruled on whether Tia was “stillborn” as a result of an abortion procedure.

All this was recorded in Jed White “Baby Tia” Operation Rescue National, 1992

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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

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