The New York Times tells story of botched abortion victim

An article in the New York Times tells of an abortion performed by Dr. Abu Hayat, which led to severe complications

“Ms. Olivo paid cash in advance. After a 30-minute wait, she said, the nurse took her into a room, put her on an examining table and injected her with what proved to be an ineffective anesthetic. Then, she said, Dr. Hayat appeared and, without a word, began the abortion.

“It lasted two minutes,” she said. “While he was doing it, I could feel everything.” After a few minutes in a small recovery room, she said, she was sent home and told to call if she felt ill. There was pain in her abdomen, and later it became worse. “I felt sick at my house,” she said. “I had a lot of cramps and pains.”

Four days later, the pain and cramps were still growing worse. She went to a hospital and was admitted with a 103-degree fever. A doctor examined her, found that she had endured an incomplete abortion and removed parts of the fetus that were still in her uterus. After five days, she went home.

Later, Ms. Olivo returned several times to Dr. Hayat’s office “to tell him how I felt,” but was told each time that he was not there. That, officials say, is also typical of abortion mills, which provide little if any follow-up care.

Now, two years later, Ms. Olivo is still weak from the experience. She said she was stunned by reports last week that the doctor had botched other abortions. She said she wanted to sue him, but knew now that she could never collect damages.

“I would never have imagined that a clinic wouldn’t have insurance,” she said. “I thought it was required by law that you have insurance.” But Mr. Slocum said doctors are not required to have medical malpractice insurance, and other officials said it was unlikely that abortion mills had such insurance.

The realm in which Dr. Hayat operated is a largely hidden one. The State Health Department, which licenses doctors and dozens of legitimate abortion clinics in the city and investigates complaints of malpractice and negligence against physicians, acknowledges that it does not know enough about illegal or incompetent abortion mills and says it needs more authority to regulate them.

ROBERT D. McFADDEN “Abortion Mills Thriving Behind Secrecy and FearNew York Times November 24, 1991

Yet pro-abortion groups such as NARAL Pro-Choice America, NOW, and Planned Parenthood use all thier resources to fight legislation requiring abortion facilities to be inspected and live up to basic safety standards.

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