The Memory Will Always Be There…

eight week-old unborn baby

“As I entered the clinic doors, the nurse at the desk took my name and age. She said I was eight weeks pregnant and that it was just a mass of tissue not yet formed. As I lay on the table where the procedure was about to take place, I saw covered jar on the table close to my feet. Terror ran through me and I asked why this jar was covered up if this thing that they say is inside me is just a blob of white tissue? After seeing the jar I knew deep down inside something was not told to me. I felt betrayed and sick. It wasn’t until years later when I saw the fetal growth chart, then I realized why they covered the jar. The one thing I lacked was the visual knowledge of what was really happening after conception in my body. The biggest thing I had to get over was to forgive myself for what I had done. The memory will always be there.”

From the book by Larry L. Lewis “Proclaiming the Pro-Life Message: Christian Leaders Addressed the Abortion Issue” (Hannibal MO: Hannibal books) 1997

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