Texas Clinics Dump Medical Waste in Trash

There have been many incidents of clinics disposing of “medical waste” (Often including unborn babies) in the trash. By law, all remains of abortions must be sent to a pathologist.

This is done for the woman’s safety- the pathologist must ascertain that the abortion was complete- no parts of the baby or placenta were left behind. Any “tissue” left behind can cause infection which can endanger a woman’s fertility and even her life.

So instances of clinics dumping babies in the trash are more than just gruesome examples of abortion providers’ disregard for the dignity of the babies they kill- they are also examples of malpractice.

In a June of 2011, The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) determined that a clinic affiliated with the Whole Women’s Health chain was illegally dumping the remains of aborted babies and other medical waste in Austin.

According to the an article that can be found here Whole Women’s Health is being charged with “Failure to prevent the disposal of treated fetuses at a municipal solid waste landfill” and “Failure to ensure that the labels placed on each medical waste container show the weight of the container.”

See the official TCEQ report here.

Another Texas clinic in the same chain in McAllen, Texas, was found to have thrown out other abortion related garbage such as bloody cannulas (the tubes used tear apart unborn babies in the first trimester) bloody human tissue that included what may be the intestines of aborted babies, syringes, and documents with the full names of abortion patients on them.

See the TCEQ report on the McAllen incident here.

See pictures of the items found in McAllen (GRAPHIC)

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