Teenager’s Parents Favor abortion 10 to 1

“In the Guttmacher Institute’s 1987 study nearly 30% of minors seeking abortions attributed their decisions in part to the fact that their parents wanted them to have abortions. A 1991 Guttmacher study of teenage abortion patients amplified this pattern. On learning of their daughters’ pregnancies, parents favored abortion over childbirth by a 4 to 1 ratio. By the time of the abortion, the ratio of preference rose to 10 to 1. Mothers, fathers, and boyfriends were all more likely to encourage abortion than to encourage childbirth. More than a quarter of the mothers tried to persuade their daughters to abort, only 7% encouraged childbirth. Aside from stress on their parents, the most common repercussions the girls reported after disclosing their pregnancies wasn’t that they were beaten of punished or even that they  became uncomfortable living at home but that their parents were forcing them to have an abortion.”

This is an old reference, but it is still significant. It would be interesting to find out if these numbers have changed.

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William Saletan Bearing Right: How Conservatives Won the Abortion War (Berkley: California: University of California Press, 2004,193


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Author: TA Smith

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