Teen describes coerced abortion at the late Dr. George Tiller’s clinic

A 17-year-old girl who had a forced abortion at Dr. George Tiller’s late-term abortion clinic describes her horrible experience:

When I was 17 I found out that I was pregnant and told my parents, who objected to me having a baby and said that I was having an abortion like it or not. After much mental anguish and threat of physical abuse, my parents said that I could keep the baby. Two weeks later, my mother woke me up and informed me that the decision had been made that I was getting an abortion. She told me to get up and take a bath. I sat in the bathtub with a razor in my hand with my mom yelling at me to hurry up, we had to go. After my bath, all hell broke lose because my dad saw me crying. He yelled, called me names, and said that if I didn’t go get this taken care of, he would take care of it himself…..

When I got to the clinic there were tons of protesters outside and security escorted us inside where upon we were checked with a metal detector wand for safety. I read all of the signs outside and heard all the pleas to run to a car to safety. They said that they would take care of me if I didn’t want to do it and that my mother could do nothing about it. I was scared to death and could not run, as security had met us at the car and were ushered in. But I wanted to, and I will forever regret not doing so.

Upon going inside the first waiting room there were some girls who came in and were laughing and taunting the protesters outside. I kept crying. My mother would see me and tell me to quit and not screw this up. She said it was getting done one way or another.

14-week-old baby
14-week-old baby

First of all, to confirm pregnancy they did a sonogram. The screen was facing away from me where I could not see it. I remember thinking that I felt unreal. I kept thinking this was a dream, then during the sonogram, I sat up to look at the monitor. The lady was shocked that I did this. I asked her, if there was a heartbeat. She paused then said, “Yes, right there,” and pointed. I asked her how far along I was. I remember her saying but I don’t recall exactly. It seems it was 14 to 16 weeks….

After this I was taken into another waiting room. This was full of other young girls with their mothers who looked as though they did not wish to be there either….

 I did a lot of thinking in there. I was angry and still looking for a way out of this clinic without my mom killing me or me killing my baby, but they had not one time left me alone without my mother. I remember feeling like they knew I could/would not speak up with her right there. Then a nurse came and got me and took me to the room to “get this taken care of,” as they put it. This was the first time that my mother was not by my side. I immediately told the nurse that I did not want to do this, that I was scared of going home not pregnant, explained past abuse and such, and asked her to help me.

She said “If you really don’t want to do this then we can have someone take you to another clinic across town. They will do it against your will if you want.” All of this was happening so fast, they were having me strip and put on a gown, and she was prepping to give me the IV. I had no idea was coming. I looked at the vacuum they used. I was scared. I just knew she was going to go tell my mom what I had said, then my dad would find out, so through my tears I said, “No, I have to. Do it.”

“In Their Own Words: Women’s Stories Of Coerced, Botched, and Illegal Abortions At Tiller’s Women’s Health Care Services in Wichita, KS” Operation Rescue

Read more of this young girl story, and the stories of several other women who had bad experiences of Dr. Tiller’s clinic, here.

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