Survey of Men at Abortion Clinics Reveals Their Thoughts

Researcher Arthur Shostak surveyed 1000 men waiting at abortion clinics while their girlfriends or wives were being aborted. He discovered that:

42% of the boyfriends had offered to marry the woman

25% of those who did not offer to marry the woman offered child support

39% of the men believed that life began at conception or when the nervous system began to function

26% believe that the abortion was the “killing of a child.”

The study found a range of emotions among the men. They feared for the woman’s health, felt guilty about the abortion or the pregnancy, felt self-doubt, and also anguish and pain of the loss of their children and over the entire abortion experience.

Arthur B. Shostak. “Abortion as Fatherhood Glimpsed: Clinic Waiting Room Males as [Former] Expectant Fathers.” Presented to the Eastern Sociological Society Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in March of 1985, page 4. Quoted in The Abortion Encyclopedia by American Life League

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