Support of Abortion: Republican Versus Democrat

The support of abortion between Republicans versus Democrats:

— If the life/health of the woman is in jeopardy abortion is approved by 90% of Democrats and 90% of Republicans

— If the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest abortion is approved of by 82% of Democrats and 82% of Republicans

— If the woman has low income are cannot afford more children abortion is approved by 48% of Democrats and 41% of Republicans

— If a woman is not married abortion is approved of by 44% of Democrats and 43% of Republicans

— Abortion for any reason is approved of by 40% of Democrats and 36% of Republicans

As you can see, 60% of Democrats support some restrictions on abortion. The margin between rank-and-file Republicans and rank-and-file Democrats on abortion is much narrower than many people think. If you’re pro-life Democrat, or at least a Democrat who feels there should be some restrictions on abortion, you’re in good company.

James A. Davis, Tom W. Smith, and Peter V. Marsden “General Social Surveys, 1972 2004 (Chicago: National Opinion Research Center, 2008)

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