Study on late term abortion weighs and measures aborted babies

Well-known late term abortionist Dr. Warren Hern conducted a study:

“Examination of the tissue postoperatively included weighing the fetus and placenta separately and careful measurement of fetal parts…..

The final estimate of gestational age ranged from 13 to 26 menstrual weeks; 40% of the pregnancies were from 13 to 15 weeks of gestation,  26.8% from 16 to 18 weeks, 15.8% from 19 to 20 weeks, 10.8% from 21 to 22 weeks, 6.4% from 23 to 24 weeks, and 0.2% from 25 to 26 weeks….

18 weeks
18 weeks

Serious underestimation of the length of gestation occurred in two patients with postoperative estimates of gestational age at 25 and 26 weeks, respectively.  Fetal weights ranged from 11 to 730 gm, fetal foot lengths ranged from 9 to 51 mm, and biparietal diameters ranged from 18 to 62 mm.”

WARREN M. HERN  “Outpatient second-trimester D&E abortion through 24 menstrual weeks’ gestation


24 weeks
24 weeks
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