Students change their minds on abortion after seeing pictures

The Center for Bioethical Reform quoted the following students whose minds were changed on abortion after seeing graphic photos of aborted babies on their campus:

“I have just changed my mind!” concluded another student who had begun her conversation by saying abortion might be a viable choice for other women.

A male student said, “I had no idea this is what abortion was – they are so tiny – and that is a hand!”

Another student said, “It’s gruesome. I didn’t know how developed it [the baby’s body] is so early.” She went on to say, “People do need to see this; maybe they will make different decisions.””….

Large numbers of students accepted our literature and dialogued with our team. Many were quite open-minded.

In contrast, a pro-abortion professor came out to scream and profanely vent her anger about GAP’s presence. Police intervened and repeatedly directed her to take her complaint to the administrative office.”

De’Ja CookBrown, a sophomore communication major, “It opened my eyes to the situation. It gave viewers a different way to see it. The pictures were graphic, but sometimes it may take that to get a point across, especially for something as big as life.”

Taking Abortion Reality to Carolina Universities” CBR Communique 2015 October

You can see some of the pictures they were talking about here. 

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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

One thought on “Students change their minds on abortion after seeing pictures”

  1. Thank You. This only re-confirms what the incredible director of Priests For Life Fr. Frank has stated that “America will nor reject Abortion until America is allowed to see abortion” And of course all of the evil sources that have conspired to keep so many Americans in the dark like our esteemed so called media\journalists & what used to be Hollywood make sure that anything as essential & appropriate & necessary as the respect for Life remains in the despicable heinous & deplorable state that we have allowed it to be subverted into.

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