Statistics on the dangers of amniocentesis: a risk factor of 3 per 100

Some interesting statistics on amniocentesis and its dangers  cited in Randy Alcorn’s book Why Pro-Life?

“In 2000, the National Vital Statistics Report indicated that 28.9 women per 1,000 suffered complications from amniocentesis, placing the risk factor at nearly three per hundred women. The Centers for Disease Control estimate that in early amniocentesis the rate of death to the unborn through miscarriage is “between one in 400 and one in 200 procedures.” The study also found a striking tenfold increase in the risk of clubfoot deformity after early amniocentesis. Ironically, then, a procedure designed to identify fetal deformity actually has a considerable chance of causing it.

Amniocentesis is frequently done to identify Down syndrome children so parents have the option of abortion. The risk of miscarriage as a result of amniocentesis is almost exactly the same as the risk for Down syndrome.”

World Congress of Families Update, vol. 3, issue 1119, March 2002, wcf_update_3 1 1.htm citing R. E. Gilbert, et al., “Screening for Down’s Syndrome: Effects, Safety, and Cost-Effectiveness of First- and Second-Trimester Strategies”; and Euan M. Wallace and Sheila Mulvey, “Commentary: Results May Not Be Widely Applicable,” BMJ 2001; 323:1-6 (25 August 2001);

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