Sometimes it’s a “baby”, sometimes it’s not

From Lydia, an administrator at an abortion clinic:

“Patients who have a wanted pregnancy and lose it, or choose abortions because of fetal anomalies, always call it “the baby.” It is a baby to them, developed or not… Some women never “connect” to the pregnancy… For them, it is nothing like a baby. It is just there, and they want it removed. They would hate the word “baby” and do not use it. Our job is to meet the woman where she is and provide her with accurate information. I do not feel it is my job to correct terminology as long as she has a thorough understanding of the facts.”

Carole Joffe Dispatches from the Abortion Wars: the Costs of Fanaticism to Doctors, Patients, and the Rest of Us (Boston, Massachusetts: Beacon Press, 2009) 128

And what is a “thorough understanding of the facts?” See here. 

Seven-week-old unborn baby

See pictures of what babies at seven weeks look like after they are aborted

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Author: Sarah

Sarah Terzo is a writer for Live Action and a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians and Consistent Life Network. She lives in NJ.

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