Sidewalk counselor tells the story of being talked into abortion by Planned Parenthood

Lifesitenews tells the story of a woman who was pressured into having an abortion by her Planned Parenthood counselor. Lynn Zent, who is now a dedicated sidewalk counselor, tells the following story:

“I just wanted to make it all go away, and the only way to do that was to just do it. Originally it was a wanted baby, but the counselor said ‘why don’t you come back in a few weeks and we will talk?’ When I went back she proceeded to fill my head with things such as ‘You are so young’, ‘You have your whole life ahead of you’, and  ‘You have a young child already’. She convinced me how difficult it would to be in school with a new baby and going through a then divorce from my first husband.”

Lynn made the appointment, but at the last second she changed her mind. She had been given a twilight sleep shot, and she said it did not work very well.  “I tried to get up off the table and the nurse held my shoulders down and told me to just lie there and shut up. The experience was horrible.”

“I remember the doctor walking out and telling the nurse ‘It’s all there’, and I remember thinking, ‘what is all there?’ I thought it was just a blob!” Lynn as she recalls friends telling her that baby development and graphic pictures on the Internet were all fake. ….

“I was okay with the abortion for awhile because I joked about it to get through it. The experience was just so horrible.  I even remember the nurse who held me down had short curly red hair,” said Lynn. “I don’t even know her name or the doctor’s name who performed the abortion.” …

Lynn also sent off to Planned Parenthood for her abortion records because she had read somewhere that you have the legal right to collect them within seven years. While it helped her tremendously with closure to her painful past, it angered her to see the documents. They had falsified her records stating that someone was with her and had checked the box that said she was firm in her decision to abort.

“They purposefully made an appointment when they thought so-called protestors would not be outside, because they knew I might change my mind,” Lynn recalled.

STEFANIE LEWALLEN An abortion and a miscarriage” LifeSiteNewsOct 07, 2013 

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