Scientist removes organs from living unborn babies

14 weeks – legal to abort in every US state
14 weeks

The March 15, 1973 Washington Post reported that Dr. Gerald Gaull, Chief of Pediatrics at the New York State Institute of Basic Research in Mental Retardation,

“… injects radioactive chemicals into fragile umbilical cords of fetuses freshly removed from their mother’s womb in abortions. While the heart is still beating, he removes their brains, lungs, livers, and kidneys for study.”

Joan Wester Anderson. “Beyond Abortion Fetal Experimentation, New Upjohn Drug Delivers Perfect Fetus for Laboratory Use.” Our Sunday Visitor, April 13, 1975, page 1. Also reported in the Washington Post, April 15, 1973.

This is an old quote, but such atrocities still take place today.

Read more about the removal of fetal organs and the selling of baby body parts here.

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Author: TA Smith

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