Prochoicer: we are more compassionate than prolifers

A pro-choice woman who had 2 abortions said the following:

“We must go on with our heads held high. During the April ’89 March for Women’s Lives, I felt real strong, real sure in my beliefs, I felt wonderful. I looked at those anti people and they were missing the point, they were ignorant, they were not as compassionate as we were, as human, they were so blinded… Women have choices in life and women cannot keep bringing children into the world that are going to starve and be a drain on the system or turn them into alcoholics. It’s just not fair to the child…. Children are too special.”

Patricia Launneborg Abortion: A Positive Decision (New York: Bergin & Garvey, 1992) 63

Apparently, pro-lifers are not as compassionate as prochoicers because they want to protect women and children from abortion. according to this pro-choicer, babies deserve abortion because they are too “special” to be allowed to live if circumstances are less than perfect. I wonder if this child could talk, would be be grateful to the ‘compassionate” prochoiers who did this to him?

Baby "special" enough to be aborted at 10 weeks

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