Pro-lifer outside abortion clinic witnesses coerced abortion; pro-choice activists prevent him from helping

Pro-life activist John Cavanaugh–O’Keefe tells the following story:

“I was outside the Hillcrest abortion clinic in SE Washington, talking to women and couples approaching the place. There were a dozen or so pro-choice folks outside, blocking my way so I couldn’t converse…

A car pulled into the lot, and a man got out of the driver’s seat. He went around to the passenger side, and talked a bit, then shouted a bit, and then wrenched the door opened, grabbed the woman sitting there, and pulled her out. She screamed and cried, but he dragged her toward the door.

I tried to speak up a bit, although I can’t remember what I said. The pro-choice group blocked my way. If either the man or the woman tussling their way to the door noticed anything from the sidewalk, they probably heard just noise.

The man won: he dragged her inside. I don’t know anything more about their story; as far as I know they were in there for a few hours, long enough to complete her planned procedure…

[T]hey watched the man drag a woman inside – physically, no metaphor here – and they had nothing to say about it. They took the man’s side against the woman’s choice.”

John Cavanaugh–O’Keefe Pro-Life Democrat: 50 Brief Insights an Apologia (2020) 109 – 110

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