Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselor Speaks Out

A prolife volunteer talks about sidewalk counseling outside an abortion clinic:

What we witnessed during the last 40 days at the Margaret Sanger Center Planned Parenthood in downtown Manhattan is typical of what our sidewalk counselors see 365 days a year and what other local 40 Days for Life campaigns experience across the country.

Women come to the clinic for an abortion, usually accompanied by a friend, boyfriend or husband. The pro-life sidewalk counselors hand out brochures explaining the many local resources available for pregnant women in need, including: housing; financial, medical and legal support; help with education and employment; and, equally as important, friendship.

Some of the women stop and talk to the sidewalk counselors. While each story is different, the common thread is that these women are afraid. Not afraid of the people praying for them across the street, but afraid of how their lives will change with a baby. Are we really “empowering” women by encouraging them to give in to this fear and abort their child? It certainly doesn’t seem so after spending 40 days watching women leave the abortion clinic hours after their appointment, clutching their abdomen, dejected, crying, barely able to walk down the street (or even worse, carried out on a stretcher and into an ambulance, as we witnessed on October 14th)….

The only people screaming outside the Margaret Sanger Center Planned Parenthood in Manhattan are the passersby who see us praying and immediately react with anger and insults

Jill Gadwood “Volunteering at an Abortion Clinic, from the Other Side of the Street” March for Life blog December 8, 2015

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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

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