Pro-life authors: abortion illustrates lack of compassion for poor children

Pro-life authors Terry Schlossberg and Elizabeth Achtemeier wrote:

“We often hear the argument in our society that it is far better for some children to be aborted than to be born into a situation where they are unwanted or where they will be abused and perhaps starved to death. But the implications of that argument is that we autonomous individuals, who make up our society, will take no responsibility for such children. They are not our problem. They would upset our lifestyle and plans. They would interfere with our independence and well-being. And so better to kill them in the womb than to let them come forth into light.

As one church woman remarked, “Maybe you want to raise all those unwanted babies. I don’t. That’s why I’m pro-choice.”

When it comes to the question of abortion, our autonomous individualism has turned us all into a nation of independent selves, with no communal obligations and with no responsibilities toward one another.”

Terry Schlossberg and Elizabeth Achtemeier Not My Own: Abortion & the Marks of the Church (Grand Rapids, Michigan: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1995) 10-11

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Author: Sarah

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