Pro-Life Activist Confronts the Reality of Abortion

In a book on pro-life activism, an author relates the following story:

A pro-life activist identified only as “Dylan” recounted how he found pieces of aborted babies in the trash outside the clinic. He said he:

“wasn’t even thinking about it [finding aborted babies] but one day, when I went there [to the clinic], there were these trash bags sitting right there outside their door. I took a deep breath and threw them in the trunk of my car, and went over to Elaine’s [another pro-lifers] house.”

According to the author:

“Together they carefully opened the gauze bags and probed the contents. They took the identifiable fetal parts to a pathologist at a nearby Children’s Hospital who photographed the remains. Dylan remembers that, “In pictures it was just incredible. You could see all the bones and the bone structure.” The pathologist “identified it as a 9 1/2 week-old unborn child.”…

9 to 10 week-old unborn baby

From Dylan:

“I was shocked, even though I knew up here [intellectually], seeing it knowing that was a baby who was alive that day, when I was at the mill, who had died that day at the mill was just devastating. And yet it was like, don’t anybody ever try and tell me, if they ever tried before, don’t ever try to tell me that’s not a baby.”

Carol JC Maxwell. Pro-Life Activists in America: Meaning Motivation and Direct Action. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002) 115 to 116

For more about aborted babies found in the trash, go here.

an article about babies dumped in the trash in Michigan

and in Oklahoma

and in Minnesota

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