Pro-Choice writer supports selling abortion pill online

This pro-abortion writer feels that the abortion pill should be available online to send to women anywhere. This is incredibly risky for the woman. It is essentially supporting the same “back-alley” type abortion that pro-choicers claim legalizing abortion stopped.

“The Internet has often been described as the new backstreet, but this virtual backstreet is different from the literal one of the past. If women use reputable web sources, then they can access reliable abortion medication…

The opportunity to use the Internet to buy abortion pills has opened up new possibilities. Even women in countries where abortion is legal sometimes try to buy pills online if access to the standard abortion services is denied or difficult. Buying abortion pills online does leave women open to being sold ineffective or even dangerous medical treatments: two safe and recommended websites are [names two websites]… Buying pills from reputable websites is incomparably safer than the old backstreet.…

Where these services act in place of legal provision, buying pills online has been a lifesaver for women – despite the danger that they might accidentally use a disreputable site.”

Judith Orr Abortion Wars: The Fight for Reproductive Rights (Bristol, UK: Policy Press, 2017) 18, 36, 37

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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

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