Pro-Choice woman moved by seeing ultrasound

Pro-Abortion reporter Allison Stevens described an ultrasound she had when early in her pregnancy:

“The doctor spread some clear gel on my belly and rubbed the “camera” over my skin as my husband and I fixed our eyes on the monitor and eventually saw the embryo that would grow into a fetus and (we hope) our first child.

When I first laid eyes on that tiny white egg, I had the kind of reaction that opponents of abortion say often accompanies ultrasounds: a deeper connection to the growing life within me. Taking a look into the “window of the womb” certainly intensified my excitement and fears about becoming a first-time parent…

As a pregnant woman, I understand why abortion opponents are pushing state laws to give women the opportunity to view their fetuses in ultrasound images; at least for me, seeing the embryo on the screen helped the reality of the pregnancy sink in.”

Allison Stevens “Court Coverage Got Personal for Pregnant Reporter” We News July 10, 2007

I suspect that Stevens is being euphemistic in her description of a “tiny white egg.” A preborn baby’s heartbeat starts at 21 days after conception (and based one one study as early as 16 days).  She would have seen her child’s heart beating.

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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

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