Pro-Choice And Pro-Life

“Those of us who are pro-choice are also, passionately, pro-life. Most of us love babies, love children, and love our liberty – not to mention loving sex and our right to have it when, how, and with whomever we choose.”


Rachel Kramer Bussel, “I’m Pro-Choice and I F*ck”, Village Voice, January 13, 2006

eight weeks

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One Response to Pro-Choice And Pro-Life

  1. Jordan Updegrove says:

    Yeah your pro life. Pro your life. You care about yourself so much that you want to do whatever you want with your body and expect no consequences and when you see one of the consequences of your reckless behavior you would rather kill an innocent human being rather than take the hit or look into other alternatives. There is no reason that a baby should have to suffer for choices you make.

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