Pro-Choice to Pro-Life: Alicia

I was a sophomore in college when I found out I was pregnant. I was scared, because I didn’t want my family to find out, and I was ashamed of what I had gotten myself into. I went to one of my professors for advice, and she told me about all the options, but she stressed that abortion would be a good idea because I was still in school and she didn’t think my boyfriend was prepared to be a father.

She had a lot of influence on how I thought and what I did back then, and I was seriously considering doing it just so that I wouldn’t have to tell my family. When I came home for summer break, I was already about six weeks along, and I ran into a pro-life friend. She could tell something was wrong, and I told her that I wanted to have an abortion. Thank God she was a good enough friend that she wouldn’t leave me alone until I promised not to do it and to tell my family. It was really rough when I did tell them, but they didn’t hate me or throw me out like I was afraid they would. Now I have a gorgeous 2-year-old boy, and I can’t imagine my life without him. It was very easy to rationalize killing him before he was born, but I know that no amount of rationalization would have helped if I had gone through it. I knew in my heart that even if there was the slightest chance that he was a human being, I should let him live. That’s all the pro-abortion argument is–rationalization for murder by dehumanizing the child. I know people who have gone through it, and they almost never talk about it. If there is nothing to be ashamed of, why does it seem like a dirty secret? I am glad that I don’t have to hide any dirty secrets like that.

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