Pro-choice demonstraters rally to protect abortionist arrested for sexually abusing woman

Former clinic worker Luhra Tivis, who worked with Dr. Tiller, describes what happened when she attended a pro-life demonstration and blockade of an abortion clinic (a “Rescue”) at the clinic of a certain abortionist:

“I agreed with Rescue’s nonviolent tactics and participated in a Rescue on July 19, 1993, with the Lambs of Christ, in Oklahoma City. The focus of our action, Mr. Patel, had become infamous in 1992 for dumping the bodies of dead children in a field near Shawnee, Oklahoma. A month or two before our Rescue, however, Patel had outdone himself. He had been arrested for sexually molesting a woman as she came out from under the anesthesia after an abortion. His medical license had not been suspended, however. As we knelt down in position for a rescue, a large “pro-choice” crowd jammed the sidelines, vociferously advocating the right of Mr. Patel to do business as he saw fit – whether it was killing babies. Or, I suppose, molesting women. They call that support for women’s rights!”

Luhra Tivis “Where is the real violence?” Celebrate life, September – October 1994, 31 – 33

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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

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