Pro-Choice Author Laments Unborn Baby Pictures

From pro-choice author Melody Rose:

12 weeks sonogram

“The images and language most often wielded by pro-life advocates are vivid and emotional… recent developments in imaging technique certainly have facilitated a reliance on powerful pictures that humanize the fetus in a way not possible two decades ago. Because fetuses now can be seen in intricate detail, opponents of abortion have striking images to use in support of abortion restrictions, despite what these restrictions might mean to women’s health and freedom.”

Melody Rose “Safe, Legal and Unavailable? Abortion Politics in the United States” (Washington DC: CQ Press) 2007 p 10 to 11


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2 thoughts on “Pro-Choice Author Laments Unborn Baby Pictures”

  1. I noticed a subtle, yet revealing phrase in this pro-choice ( abortion right ) advocate’s quote. It is the phrase ” powerful pictures that humanize the fetus “, as if the fetus was not actually human until seen in a picture. The picture ” reveals ” the humanness of this child; it does not ” make ” the child human. The first step necessary in eliminating any group of people is to dehumanize them by renaming them ( fetus, embryo, blob, appendage, etc. ). These pictures restore the realness and humanness of these unborn human babies; a direct threat to those who advocate the right to eliminate them. It’s time to show more of these incredible images.

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