Pro-choice author admits that abortion statistics are “almost nonexistent” or “completely unavailable”

Pro-abortion author Johanna Schoen writes:

“If statistical information about women seeking abortion is almost nonexistent, statistical information about abortion providers is completely unavailable. We do not even know how many of them there are.

Only a fraction of physicians providing abortion care, for instance, are members of NAF [National Abortion Federation, an organization for abortionists], and its membership lists are, for security reasons, confidential.

Nor do we know what kind of abortion services abortion providers perform. Although there is aggregate data on the number of procedures performed across the country, for instance, there is no data that might tell us who performs these procedures – or where they are performed.

Proceedings of the annual meetings of NAF and information collected by the organization are confidential and cannot be disclosed outside the organization.

Sources about the two main participants in the abortion experience, then, are mainly anecdotal in nature, gleaned from correspondence, personal recollections and testimonies, and oral history interviews.”

Johanna Schoen Abortion after Roe (Chapel Hill, North Carolina: University Of North Carolina Press, 2015) 17 – 18

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Author: Sarah

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