Pro-choice activist compares preborn baby to rapist

From pro-choice activist Eileen L McDonagh:

“… A fetus making a woman pregnant without consent is similar to a rapist intruding upon and taking another’s body in pursuit of his own interest, to the detriment of the woman’s interests… Were the fetus to articulate its intentions, presumably it would intend to make and keep a woman pregnant to serve its own interests.”

She also says:

“Even if the fetus were a person, a woman is justified in killing it because of what it does to her when it imposes wrongful pregnancy, whatever might be her personal reasons for doing so… The distinction between reasons vs. justification for stopping the fetus from imposing pregnancy parallels the distinction between reasons and justification for a woman stopping a man from imposing sexual intercourse on her… What justifies her right to use deadly force to stop a man from raping her, according to law, is not the reasons she may have for saying no to his imposition on her, but rather the invasiveness of the imposition itself….

Even if the fetus is constructed to be a person, it gains no right to take over a woman’s body against her will… The fetus’s status as human life actually justifies the use of deadly force to stop it from imposing wrongful pregnancy…

Some might suggest that the solution to coercive pregnancy is simply for the woman to wait until the fetus is born, at which point its coercive imposition of pregnancy will cease. This type of reasoning is akin to suggesting that a woman being raped should wait until the rape is over rather than stopping the rapist.”

Eileen L McDonagh Breaking Abortion Deadlock: from Choice to Consent (New York: Oxford University Press, 1996) 44, 10, 11 – 12

Is this 6 week old baby equivalent to a rapist?
Is this 6 week old baby equivalent to a rapist?
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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

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