Pro-abortion leader on partial-birth lie – she knew better

Partial-birth abortion diagram

Partial-birth abortion diagram

When states were trying to ban the partial-birth abortion procedure, the pro-choice movement came up with many lies to defend it. Partial-birth abortions were late-term abortions done when the baby was partly out of the mother. They are now illegal, but it was a long struggle to make them that way.

“The spin out of Washington was that it was only done for medical necessity, even though we knew it wasn’t so. I kept waiting for [the National Abortion Federation] to clarify it and they never did. I got caught up: What do we do about this secret? Who do we tell and what happens when we tell? But frankly, no one was asking me, so I didn’t have to worry.”

Renee Chelian, president of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers

“Abortion: Activists lied: Pro-choice advocates admit to deception.” Bergen Record, February 27, 1997

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