“Pro-Abortion” clinic worker: Abortion is Beautiful

From one clinic worker:

“At first I was very upset by the [abortions]. I’m not one to see blood and mess and things like that. But I have since gotten so excited about it that I thought about going back to nursing school. When you think about it on a certain level, it’s a really interesting thing that is happening. It’s fascinating, when you can think about it clinically and not get involved in the people, or the babies. What happened when I was first working here was that I just thought about the baby and that was very upsetting. I’m very pro-abortion… I think I must’ve overcompensated, you know, overreacted and tried to look at like,    really get into it, and not shy away from it. And several times I saw a really beautiful things happen, I mean it’s physically beautiful… Sometimes you can see the vagina opening up in the entire thing coming at once.”

Magda Denes, In necessity in sorrow, New York: basic books, 1976

From an aborted baby at 15 weeks
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Author: TA Smith

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